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This is TweeNet, home of classic and current Indie Pop music and the reference-site for the 'Indiepop mailing list'. First time here? Read the introduction
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Celebrating 25 years of TweeNet
Back in the summer of 1994 the web was still pretty new. I had been written my first html pages in June and advertised a world wide web based indie music resource at the music industry fair PopKomm in Cologne in August 1994, while major labels at the time were presenting their text based mail-box systems. 

In September the indiepop mailing list was started and together with Steve in Seattle and Robin in Melbourne I decided to build a web site to go along with it.

Luckily I already had lots of digital content as I had kept a database of my own records and CDs since early 1986.

In the mid to late 1990s, TweeNet was the go-to-place if you wanted to find out what records a certain band had released. 

People moved on, other sites took. Even though I shifted my priorities in life to other things since 2005, I decided to keep TweeNet around and there are still some things here that you can't find anywhere else.

(22-Sep-2019) - Peter Hahndorf
John Peel playing songs from my Mind The Gap compilation tape.
Back in 1991 I celebrated my birthday with some friends when I received a phone call from London. John Peel was calling from the BBC, he was planning to play some songs from my compilation tape Mind The Gap and asked whether he could read out my address, so people could order the tape. He played five tracks from the tape but nothing from the records I had sent him. I think I got over 500 orders for the cassette from the UK, each one sending two heavy one pound coins. You can listen to him talking about this. (14-Mar-2019) - Peter
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