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This is TweeNet, home of classic and current Indie Pop music and the reference-site for the 'Indiepop mailing list'. First time here? Read the introduction
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Celebrating 25 years of TweeNet
Back in the summer of 1994 the web was still pretty new. I had been written my first html pages in June and advertised a world wide web based indie music resource at the music industry fair PopKomm in Cologne in August 1994, while major labels at the time were presenting their text based mail-box systems. 

In September the indiepop mailing list was started and together with Steve in Seattle and Robin in Melbourne I decided to build a web site to go along with it.

Luckily I already had lots of digital content as I had kept a database of my own records and CDs since early 1986.

In the mid to late 1990s, TweeNet was the go-to-place if you wanted to find out what records a certain band had released. 

People moved on, other sites took. Even though I shifted my priorities in life to other things since 2005, I decided to keep TweeNet around and there are still some things here that you can't find anywhere else.

(22-Sep-2019) - Peter Hahndorf
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