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TweeNet is seperated in four sections (Bands, Labels, Related Mailing Lists and Miscellaneous), each section has a main page which is accessable from the navigation bar on the left hand side of each page. The discography pages provide links to browse through all pages in alphabetical order. A click on the image in the upper left corner always brings you back to the home page.

Certain pages have additional sections in the menu which links to various pages.

Finally each page has two info-sections, one for links about the site and one for information about the page.

Right now, discographies of bands and labels make up the major information on the TweeNet. There are links between the bands and the labels and back, so jump around a bit. The data may be incorrect and is by no means complete. If you have any additions and corrections please let us know. Also if you can't find a discography of your favourite band or label on the TweeNet please drop us a note and we'll try to put one together.

You can now add new records and songs for bands already existing in our database. You can't add new bands or change existing data.

7"7" Vinyl SingleAUSAustralia
7"2Double 7" Vinyl Single1ESPSpain
10"10" VinylFFrance
12"12" Vinyl SingleGERGermany
K7audio tape2GREGreece
CDCD long playerNLThe Netherlands
CD5CD SingleNZNew Zealand
LPVinyl long playerUKEEngland
LP2Vinyl double long playerUKSScotland
VIDvideo tapeUKWWales
MP3Internet Download

1 instead of a two there might be a different number to indicate a mutiple 7" release
2 this originates in France, K-sept (French for 7, pronouced sett)
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