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Peter's tips of the month
Here's a list of my tips of the month that appear on the home page once in a while. These are records I really enjoyed at the time.
cover artworkJanuary 2013: The Rainyard - A Thousand Days
I just found out that one of my favourite Australian bands finally made their old songs available online. I loved their single and the demo since the early 90s. Grab this from
cover artworkApril 2011: Sloppy Joe - With Kisses Four
cover artworkNovember 2010: The Felt Tips - Living And Growing
cover artworkAugust 2010: The Bodines - Played
Finally the re-issue of one of my favourite albums of the eighties. 7 Extra tracks but nothing unreleased.
cover artworkJuly 2010: Allo Darlin' - Allo Darlin'
Wonderful debut album by this London combo.
cover artworkSeptember 2008: The Lodger - Grown-Ups
cover artworkJuly 2008: Pocketbooks - Waking Up EP
cover artworkMay 2008: The School - Let It Slip
One of a bunch of great new pop bands from England, this has a touch of 2006 Camera Obscura and that's a good thing.
cover artworkApril 2008: The Vermont Sugar House - Carlton Gardens
cover artworkDecember 2007: Various Artists - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.6
cover artworkJuly 2007: Little Name - How To Swim And Live
cover artworkJune 2007: The Hit Parade - The Return Of The Hit Parade
cover artworkMay 2007: Amida - Arts and Crafts
Six jangle pop songs that remind us that C86 is still alive!
cover artworkMarch 2007: The Zebras - Worry A Lot
cover artworkFebruary 2007: Annemarie - ABC On TV
cover artworkDecember 2006: Various Artists - Peachy Little Secrets
Great compilation with lots of bands from South East Asia
cover artworkSeptember 2006: Hey Paulette - Long Ball Into Nowhere

Clarendon Records is proud to announce the release of 'Long Ball Into Nowhere' the first and only album by 'Hey Paulette'. Here at TweeNet we've been fans of the band since back in 1989 and featured them on two of our compilations. This release has all the songs from their singles, the Peel session and some unreleased tracks. Visit the bands MySpace page to listen to their music.
cover artworkJuly 2006: Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
Third album by our friends from Glasgow. It seems they are getting bigger and bigger selling over 50000 copies of the first single from this album.
cover artworkJuly 2005: Various Artists - Guitar Sketch
cover artworkJune 2005: Various Artists - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.5
cover artworkApril 2005: The Happy Couple - Fools In Love
cover artworkFebruary 2005: Labrador - Instamatic Lovelife
Fantastic modern pop music from Denmark, even better than their first album.
cover artworkJanuary 2005: Mocca - My Diary
Really nice album from Indonesia, Club 8 with a special foreign touch.
cover artworkNovember 2004: Language Of Flowers - Songs About You
Debut album by Language Of Flowers
cover artworkJune 2004: Various Artists - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.4
The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol.4
cover artworkFebruary 2004: The Silent Boys - Beauty Tips
Fantastic debut album by The Silent Boys
cover artworkJanuary 2004: The Happy Couple - The Four Seasons EP
Happy Couple release debut single
cover artworkNovember 2003: Sprites - Starling, Spiders, Tiger and Sprites
Starling, Spiders, Tiger and Sprites - Debut album by Sprites
cover artworkJune 2003: Various Artists - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.3
Various Artists - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.3
cover artworkMay 2003: The Lucksmiths - Naturaliste
New album by The Lucksmiths

Two years after their last studio album "Why That Doesn't Surprise Me" won the hearts of pop lovers and critics around the world, The Lucksmiths return with "Naturaliste". The highly anticipated new record confirms the reputation of this Melbourne band, offering eleven examples of instantly memorable indie pop music to win you all over again.

All The Lucksmiths' hallmarks are here - an ear for melody, an eye for detail and a way with words. And again all three members contribute songs. But stepping away from the increasing orchestration of their recent work, the guitar-based "Naturaliste" demonstrates a sensibility of understatement and restraint that allows these songs to shine. This is at once The Lucksmiths' most assured and cohesive work so far, from the effortless guitar jangle of "Take This Lying Down" and opener "Camera-Shy" to the gentle yearnings of "The Perfect Crime" and "What You'll Miss"; from the late-night melancholy of "Stayaway Stars" and "What Passes For Silence" to the sunny melody of "Midweek Midmorning", their single of late last year praised as "a fragile gem", "the kind of pop moment that will remind you why you fell in love with music in the first place".

"Naturaliste" continues The Lucksmiths' collaboration with producer Craig Pilkington, who contributed brass arrangements and shared lead guitar duties with bass player Mark Monnone. As you'd expect with such popular fellows, other friends dropped into Richmond's Audrey Studios: Eva Sommerfeld (The Foots) lends her voice to the mesmeric "The Sandringham Line", and transpacific tourmates The Salteens lend theirs to "Stayaway Stars".

The Lucksmiths' fifth studio album in a decade is also their finest hour. "Naturaliste" represents reassurance that pop music can be affecting rather than affected, and further evidence, were it needed, of why "if there is to be a way back to world domination for melodic intelligent pop . The Lucksmiths are likely to be in the vanguard."

cover artworkApril 2003: The Go-Betweens - Bright Yellow Bright Orange
New Go-Betweens album
cover artworkMarch 2003: Doggy - Des Stars Dans Tous Les Bus
Debut album by Doggy - Des Stars Dans Tous Les Bus
cover artworkFebruary 2003: Niza - Canciones De Temporada
Debut album by Niza - Canciones De Temporada - on Elefant Records
cover artworkJanuary 2003: Ronderlin - Wave Another Day Goodbye
Ronderlin's debut CD: Wave Another Day Goodbye
cover artworkDecember 2002: Razorcuts - R is for Razorcuts
R is for Razorcuts on Matinee - Compilation of the best songs by this great band
At last, the long awaited definitive collection from the pivotal UK indiepop legends. Ask any indiepop aficionado about the genre-defining acts from the British 80's music scene and a name you'll soon hear a lot is Razorcuts. Raised on punk rock and groomed at Alan McGee's Living Room club, Razorcuts emerged with the likes of Primal Scream and the Shop Assistants, combining a sunblasted 60's beat jangle with the DIY ethics of punk. A glorious riot of singles followed before Razorcuts signed to McGee's Creation Records and switched into long-playing mode; then retired, integrity intact, at the turn of the 90's. The UK scene Razorcuts represented led onto the staunchly anti-rock scene epitomized by Sarah Records, and helped set the parameters for much of the global indiepop scene we know today in the US, Japan, Sweden, Australia, and elsewhere. This definitive collection includes 21 tracks selected by the band (most previously available only at inflated import/collector prices in the US, plus previously unreleased material) with the signature Razorcuts chiming 12 string guitar, harmonies, Hammond organ and tambourines. This lovingly prepared package includes a 12-page booklet with extensive archive photos, plus sleevenotes from the band and two early Razorcuts champions–St Etienne's Bob Stanley and legendary British music writer Everett True.
cover artworkSeptember 2002: Snowblind - The Falls
The debut CD by Snowblind - The Falls
cover artworkAugust 2002: Fosca - Diary Of An Antibody
The new CD by Fosca - Diary Of An Antibody
cover artworkJuly 2002: Aberdeen - Homesick And Happy To Be Here
The new CD by Aberdeen: Homesick And Happy To Be Here
cover artworkJune 2002: Bazooka Cain - Here Come The Days Of Bazooka Cain
Here Come The Days Of Bazooka Cain by Bazooka Cain
cover artworkMay 2002: Busch - Bossa Nova
cover artworkMarch 2002: Acid House Kings - Mondays Are Like Tuesdays And Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays
New Acid House Kings album - Mondays Are Like Tuesdays And Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays
One of Sweden's classic pop band finish their 10 years plan {one album every fifth year} with this piece of art. This is the last part of their trilogy which started with 'pop, look & listen' in 1992 and continued with 'advantage acid house kings' in 1997. The twelve songs on "mondays are like tuesdays and tuesdays are like Wednesdays" keep the immediate catchiness we expect from Acid House Kings, but add some lasting qualities. It's an easy, breezy, beautiful album. People might compare them to Cardigans, Belle & Sebastian, or whatever guitar based pop groups you can come up with ....but hey! These guys started with this sound as teenagers and the influence can only be the other way around. "mondays are like tuesdays and tuesdays are like Wednesdays" is by far the strongest part of the band's trilogy. Acid House Kings have once and for all secured their place in Swedish music history.
cover artworkFebruary 2002: Aerospace - The Bright Idea Called Soul
The Bright Idea Called Soul by Aerospace
cover artworkJanuary 2002: Various Artists - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.2
Various Artists - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.2
cover artworkDecember 2001: Arvidson - Arvidson
Arvidson - debut album
cover artworkNovember 2001: Birdie - Triple Echo
Birdie's second LP Triple Echo
05.10.2001 Birdie - Triple Echo CD / LP (apricd026 / aprivin026 - EFA 27381-2/-1) 'mummy, daddy - it's luscious' is one of sadie's favourite phrases at the moment. sadie is a cute little girl grow- ing up on the playgrounds and parks of northern london. besides spending time with her friends outside sadie likes listening to her parents playing music. sadie's parents are indie-P!O!P! legends paul kelly and debsey wykes who formed the band birdie a few years ago. the new album triple echo has the same magic as a love poem: it will put a shy smile on your face and you will start humming along to the songs. songs of warmth and tenderness; music that gives you the same feeling as a whole day spend lying in bed. 'its's luscious' sadie would say if you'd ask her to describe triple echo.
cover artworkSeptember 2001: Fine! - Now That We're Alone
Fine -
This debut album from a new band from Barcelona is currently one of our favourite records at TweeNet HQ. In contrast to many or their Spanish colleagues they sing mostly in English and remind me more of Cloudberry Jam or The Sundays than Talulah Gosh.
cover artworkAugust 2001: Aerospace - A Minute History Of Air And Space
Aerospace - A Minute History of Air and Space
Mix American sixties, British eighties and Swedish ninetees pop music and you get the perfect pop songs for the summer of 2001. Aerospace won my heart with a spectecular gig last summer in Seattle and they also blew away most of the other bands at this year's San Francisco pop fest. After a bunch of songs on compilations we finally get a proper record from them. This EP has hardly left my turntable for weeks, a strong contender for the best 7" record of the last ten years. Every of the four songs is a hit - pure joy. If you can't find this EP, download the songs from the band's web site. (Pete)
cover artworkJuly 2001: The Siddeleys - Slum Clearance
The Siddeleys - Slum Clearance
The Siddeleys' star shone briefly and brightly for two years at the end of the 1980s. Their songs were epic, but never pompous, instant, but never obvious – the essential essence of all great pop music. Singer Johnny Johnson was frequently labelled a female Morrissey – a journalistic absurdity favoured by certain writers at the time, but ten years on the songs speak for themselves and comparisons with anyone are hard to make.

At the beginning of 1988 the NME predicted that The Siddeleys would join the big league and become one of the major events of the future. Sadly, despite the fierce adoration of a legion of fans and affirmations from the press, the story was over at the end of the first chapter. All that remained for Siddeleys fans was the hope of finding a spare copy of one of their two insanely rare singles–sometimes fetching upwards of £50 each–and the memory of two John Peel sessions.

Slum Clearance collects sixteen songs from the singles, Peel sessions, and two compilation appearances in one beautiful historical artefact complete with photos and extensive liner notes. The sadness of listening to Slum Clearance comes not from the poignant verses that are actually as uplifting as they are melancholic, but from the knowledge that what could have followed such supreme beginnings will never be known.

cover artworkJune 2001: Mighty Mighty - at the BBC
Mighty Mighty - At The BBC
cover artworkMarch 2001: The Orange Peels - So Far
The Orange Peels - So Far
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