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Tips for Searching
Most pages on TweeNet include a quick search box in the upper right corner, just type in the words you are looking for and click 'Search'.

Search syntax:

TweeNet search allows you to find a certain word or sequence of words (a phrase) within the site. Your search term can contain multiple words or phrases. A phrase has to be enclosed in double quotes like "Jens Lekman".

Examples of valid searches:

Invalid Searches:

Mailing list archive special syntax:

If you are after specific postings in the two mailing list archives, you can add some special syntax elements; author: subject: year: These allow you to find posting by author, subject or in one year. You can combine this with the normal words and phrases and they don't have any effect on the non-mailing list pages: While you can use author: and subject: on their own, you can't do this with year: Also put the word or phrase right after the colon with no spaces between them.


To further limit your search, you can select the parts of TweeNet to be search. Excluding the mailing list archives usually narrows the results quite a bit.


At the top we may display up to five results we consider to be the best matches.

The icon in front of the page title indicates the type of page:
Band page Band page (10)
Label page Label page (10)
any other page Any other page (4)
News article News article (2)
Poll vote Poll vote (1)
Indiepop list posting Indiepop list posting (1)
Shalala list posting Shalala list posting (1)

We only display up to 200 results, you should narrow your search or change the scope.

How do we rank pages? For the best bets we look in the title of a page only. Within the main results, each category has an weight (the numbers in brackets above) and higher weights are displayed first, that's why band and label pages are always at the top. Matches with the same weight are sorted by an internal Rank, which roughly tells us how well the search matched the page.

Browser Search Engines:

You can add the TweeNet search to your search providers in modern browsers.
On the search page your browser may offer 'Add provider' or 'Add TweeNet' in the search box provider dropdown list.
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