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The Sarah Connection
This is a listing of all 'Sarah Bands' and what they've done before, during and after their Sarah-time. There is quite some stuff here I prefer to the things the bands did on Sarah but I guess it's kind of hard to find all this, that is until Vinyl Japan will rerelease all these records. In this version I did not include any contributions to compilation-albums or -tapes.

The Sea Urchins

now Delta with a couple of releases on Che and Dishy

The Orchids

James and Mathew also played with The Wake

Another Sunny Day

now Harvey Williams solo, he also played with the Field Mice, and with the Hit
Parade live, and he is now in Blueboy.

14 Iced Bears

probably more

The Poppyheads

The Golden Dawn

partly in the Besotted

The Springfields

also involved in Choo Choo Train, Velvet Crush and the whole Menck/Chastain family

The Field Mice

one track as The Yesterday Sky on The International Pop EP on Mind The Gap
now: Northern Picture Library

Christine's Cat complete unkown



now HAL

The Wake

there are at least two more LPs and some more singles as well.
Caesar played with Altered Images once.

Gentle Despite ?

Action Painting!

Heavenly see Heavenly discography

Eternal one guy was in Slowdive

The Sweetest Ache

Even As We Speak


earlier Panda Pops

Secret Shine

Forever People earlier Razorcuts, now Carousel and Red Chair Fadeaway


earlier Feverfew

The Hit Parade

there is at least one more Japan-only release.

The Rosaries ?

The Sugargliders

now The Steinbecks

The Harvest Ministers

East River Pipe

I reckon they have another 7" and an LP out on their own label.

Boyracer see Boyracer discography


Don't confuse them with the American IVY, known in Europe as IVY NYC


Northern Picture Library

earlier Field Mice

earlier incarnation as Orlando

as I put this together during one morning I expect a couple of mistakes, I will also add more release-dates when I have time to lool them up. I think I listed most releases of the "Sarah bands", but my collection is by no means complete, so please send in your additions. Do you want me to track down all the songs as well?
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