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Here's a list of releases on TweeNet and related labels:
Clarendon Records
W6 1CD - The Siddeleys - Slum Clearance CD (2-July-2001)
First release on the new Clarendon Records label, all future TweeNet related records will be released under this name. This is a compilation of all the songs The Siddeleys released plus both Peel Sessions.
W6 2CD - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.2 - Compilation CD/Double-LP (January-2002)
Ambitious Beggars, Benny Profane, The Big Gun, Bob Hope, Dubious Brothers, Fallover 24, Fat And Frantic, Friends, The Groove Farm, Harbour Bar, The Honest Johns, Love Parade, Newsflash, The Passmore Sisters, Reserve, Said Liquidator, The Sandalwoods, Splendid Fellows, Phil Wilson. Co-release with Firestation Tower Records.
W6 3CD - Hey Paulette - Long Ball Into Nowhere CD (August-2006)
Compilation of the works of this great Dublin band.
W6 4CD - The Desert Wolves - Pontification Plus Four (November 2009) - CD
Compilation of all their released songs plus the unreleased third single and four additional songs. Co-release with Firestation Tower Records.
W6 5CD - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.3 - Compilation CD (June-2003)
Bloody Marys, Me and Dean Martin, The Deddingtons, Bounce the mouse, Exit 13, The Passengers, Thin Gypsy Thieves, 1000 Violins, Chalk Giants, Snowbirds, Pure, The Morrisons, C-saim, Accrington Stanley, Onionhead, The Candidates, Honeytrap, The Chairs, The Irregulars, Waving At Trains. Co-release with Firestation Tower Records.
W6 6CD - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.4 - Compilation CD (June-2004)
The Nivens, The Bridge, Wake Up Africa, Tiberius Minnows, Nautical William, Marteens, The Submarines, Hellfire Sermons, Beethoven's Kiss, The Days, Dislocation Dance, Decoy Avenue, The Candy Darlings, 35 Summers, The Apple Moths, The Williams, The Church Grims, The Clouds, Johnny Says Yeah!
W6 7CD - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.5 - Compilation CD (April-2005)
Action Painting!, Ade Moose and Walker, Almost Charlotte, A Strange Desire, Black Cillas, Carpenter Joe, The Honeymooners, The Incredible Blondes, Kid Sinister, The Mayfields, Men Of Westenesse, Nine Steps To Ugly, No Flags etc, On The Waterfront, Perfect, The Shrew Kings, The Thieves, This Poison!, The Wildhouse
W6 8CD - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.6 - Compilation CD (November-2007)
The Applicants, The Artisans, A Riot Of Colour, Bookem Danno, The Candie Maids, Company of Cowards, The Decemberists, Easter And The Totem, Emily, Ginger Bottles, The Hyacinth Girls, The Jactars, Lilac Trumpets, Mirrors Over Kiev, Plume, The Potting Sheds, Rumblefish, The Sullivans, Who The Hell Does Jane Smith Think She Is, Yeah Jazz
TWEE 1 - Website (October 1994)
The reference web site of the indiepop mailing-list, discographies and biographies for bands and labels. Information about the mailing list and popfests. the Who Is Who in Indiepop, lists of record stores, radioshows and fanzines from around the world and much more…
TWEE 2 - Seven Summers - Compilation CD (November 1998) in print
La Buena Vida, Masters Of The Hemisphere, Super, Poundsign, Mumbly, Shoestrings, Brideshead, The Best Wishes, Acid House Kings, Kincaid, Airport Girl, Hey Paulette, The Silent Boys, The Crooner, Watoo Watoo, Bunnygrunt, Den Baron, Cessna, Die Elektros, Gritty Kitty, The Sugargliders, Red Sleeping Beauty, The Legendary Bang. This CD was co-released with Kindercore Records.
TWEE 3 - Website (2-July-2001)
site to accompany the release of the Siddeleys Slum Clearance album on Clarendon Records.
TWEE 4 - The Desert Wolves - Pontification (3-July-2000) - sold out
Compilation of all their released songs plus the unreleased third single. Co-release with Firestation Tower Records.
TWEE 5 - The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.1 - Compilation LP/CD (23-October-2000)
The Anyways, Asia Fields, The Aurbisons, Big Red Bus, Cherry Orchard, Clamheads, The Desert Wolves, Episode Four, The Hepburns, Hey Paulette, Hot Rain, Last Party, The Man From Delmonte, Metro Trinity, North Of Cornwallis, The Pooh Sticks, The Siddeleys, Sister Rain, Where Gardens Fall, The Windmills, The Wishing Stones. Co-release with Firestation Tower Records.
Mind The Gap
MTG 1 - Mind The Gap mail-order service (March 1990)
German and international mail-order service run by Peter Hahndorf until March 1993 and then by Jörg Winzer until 2002.
MTG 2 - Mind The Gap Compilation tape (December 1990) sold out.
A.D., The Ammonites, The Apple Moths, The Banzai Babies, The Bedflowers, Captain Cocoa, Fat Tulips, Feverfew, Friends, Die 5 Freunde, Himberrbubis, Honigritter, Jesterbells, The Legendary Bang, The Nivens, PO!, Red Letter Day, St.James Infirmary, The Sohfas, Strawberry Story
MTG 3 - Anorak Fanbook (December 1990) sold out.
Compilation of the three Anorak fanzines. Limited to 10 copies.
MTG 4 - I Don't Want To Grow Up - Fanzine (March 1992) sold out.
Articles about Heavenly, White Town, Marsh Marigold Records, fanzines. Free 'Darly Abbey' Flexi by White Town.
MTG 5 - International Pop EP - 7" (September 1992) sold out.
Red Sleeping Beauty, The Legendary Bang, The Sugargliders, Yesterday Sky.
Anorak 1 - Fanzine (December 1988) sold out.
Interviews with The Brilliant Corners and The Chesterfields. Articles about McCarthy, The Smiths, House Of Love, Bhundu Boys, Sugarcubes, Close Lobsters and Inspiral Carpets
Anorak 2 - Fanzine (April 1989) sold out
Interviews with Jim Jiminee and One Thousand Violins. Articles about The Pooh Sticks, Jesterbells, My Bloody Valentine, Friends, Phillip Boa, 14 Iced Bears, The Siddeleys, Morrissey, Woosh and Sarah Records.
Anorak 3 - Fanzine (December 1989) sold out.
Interviews with The Wedding Present, The Caretaker Race, The Wolfhounds, La Di Da Records, The Flatmates and Subway, St.Christopher, McCarthy, The Vaselines, Jesse Garon and Desperadoes, BMX Bandits, The Pastels. Plus articles about UK indiepop, The Stone Roses, Tea Time Records, The Man From Delmonte, The Field Mice, Teenage Fanclub, BoB, Red Letter Day, The Popguns, Primal Scream, The Nivens, Morrissey and John Peel. Free Woosh flexi with songs by The Sunflowers and St. James Infirmary.
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