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The Crooner - Soft Escape
In the early 90s, the Crooner (then a member of One Night Suzan) started giving his first solo acoustic live gigs, with the help of Makis P. (then a member of Next Time Passions). The result of their collaboration was the classic 7'' single 'Sounds from the Valley of Love' (This Happy Feeling 1994).
Since then, and having added a lot of electronic elements and female vocals to their sound, The Crooner and Makis P. have managed to attract the attention of a growing number of music lovers, in Greece as well as abroad. Their breakthrough came with the release of the mini album 'Heaven Airlines' on the USA label Shelflife (1998) . This release proved quite successful, especially in Japan, which led to a contract with JVC/Victor Entertainment Japan. 'Heaven Airlines' was then released as a full length CD, with 5 extra tracks, in the Japanese market in 1999.
Now, 2 years after the Shelflife release, and after taking part in various compilations in Germany, France and USA (most notable was the inclusion of 'Over the Rainbow' in Atomium 3003, a club pop compilation of the cult German label Bungalow)…it's time for the release of the Crooner's brand new album 'Soft Escape', on the Greek label Pop Art Records. The sound of the album is much different from anything else you might hear today : The introductory track, 'Strawberry Trip', functions as a key, which will unlock the door towards escape, through timeless pop melodies, mutated bossa novas, electronic timbres, house deviations and dreamy runways. The final destination is space : the romantic pop take off in the first tracks of the CD doesn't lead to a spot on Earth, as you'd expect, but to an exotic beach… way beyond the clouds.
Pop Art Records is proud of releasing this album. In our opinion, it will become a landmark, and influence the Greek pop scene in the coming years.
CD now available from Pop Art Records

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Published: 12 December 2000 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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