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Spearmint - Oklahoma! Cd/Lp released!
OKLAHOMA, the new album by the highly touted SPEARMINT, features 9 fantastic new songs and will be released on CD and as a handnumbered limited edition lp on white vinyl. The album is set at Christmas and to get that special atmosphere while recording in a studio in Lincolnshire during a hot week in May, tinsel was hung, Christmas trees were erected and "It's A Wonderful Life" was set to play on loop on the TV. The album is like a movie screenplay seen through the eyes of our hero who is an outsider in the town of English town of Oklahoma!(he's the only homeless and the only black person) He realises that whatever lengths he goes to attract attention (dressing as a cowboy, singing his songs, brandishing his gun), the embarrassed locals look right through him. He begins to feel like he's invisible. On the night before Christmas he wanders the silent snow-covered streets, looking in people's windows. The songs on the album are what he sees. Each song is accompanied by illustrations in the artwork plus narration by frontman Shirley.

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Published: 30 October 2000 Author: Apricot Records
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