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New Saturday People Mini-Album Out Now
Following on the heels of their well-received debut album on the Slumberland label, Washington D.C.-based indiepop standard bearers THE SATURDAY PEOPLE are back with a smashing 7-track mini-album released by new underground force Foxyboy Records (

Listeners who connected with the debuts colorful pairing of 60s pop melodies think early Beatles, Byrds, Zombies, Kinks with the insouciant jangle of 80s treasures such as Postcard-era Orange Juice and Aztec Camera and early Creation-label combos The Loft and Jasmine Minks will find much to love on the new seven-tracker, even as it incorporates new-found subtleties and an increasingly nuanced approach to arrangements and overall sonic texture.

The Saturday People lineage is almost comical in its circuitous route through the annals of 1990s indiepop. The band Terry Banks (vocals/guitar), Greg Pavlovcak (vocals/guitar), Archie Moore (bass/vocals), Ara Hacopian (keyboards) and Dan Searing (drums) includes former (and current) members of Velocity Girl, Tree Fort Angst, The Ropers, Glo-Worm, Boyracer, Black Tambourine, Lu, St. Christopher, Lilys, The Castaway Stones, The Still, Heartworms and Whorl to um name just a few.

But a litany of indiepop band names no matter how special they may be to appreciators of the genre is not what makes the new Saturday People mini-LP notable, as any real pop fan call tell you what matters is melody, energy, intelligence and songs that go in one ear and then, pleasingly, stay there and make themselves at home. Warhol said pop should be disposable. The Saturday People respectfully disagree.

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Published: 30 April 2003 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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