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New Friends album 'Beautiful You'
Friends' seventh studio album, Beautiful You, is released on Monday 23 September. The group's first album since 1995's Folk Songs is a return to the full band sound after that acoustic set, and is classic Friends - 13 songs of trumpet-led, guitar-driven, classic pop. With a line-up almost identical to their last three albums, the songs explore some familiar Friends themes, whilst developing new sounds and new lyrical concerns. William Jones and Martin Parker of Friends said: "We think this is our best work. As always with our records, there are a couple of songs that sound like nothing we've done before, as well as some which take our existing style further. After all this time we thought we'd end up using some of our huge backlog of songs, but most of the album was written in the last year." Friends are planning live dates in the UK during the autumn to promote the new release and the Best Of Friends compilation.

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Published: 11 October 2002 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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