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New Acid House Kings album
One of Sweden's classic pop band finish their 10 years plan {one album every fifth year} with this piece of art. This is the last part of their trilogy which started with 'pop, look & listen' in 1992 and continued with 'advantage acid house kings' in 1997. The twelve songs on "mondays are like tuesdays and tuesdays are like Wednesdays" keep the immediate catchiness we expect from Acid House Kings, but add some lasting qualities. It's an easy, breezy, beautiful album. People might compare them to Cardigans, Belle & Sebastian, or whatever guitar based pop groups you can come up with ....but hey! These guys started with this sound as teenagers and the influence can only be the other way around. "mondays are like tuesdays and tuesdays are like Wednesdays" is by far the strongest part of the band's trilogy. Acid House Kings have once and for all secured their place in Swedish music history.

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Published: 13 May 2002 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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