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The Saturday People debug album out now
Slumberland has released The Saturday People's 15 track debut in CD and LP formats. Featuring members of Velocity Girl, The Ropers, Tree Fort Angst and The Castaway Stones, The Saturday People combine 60s folk-pop and soft-rock with power-pop and 80s jangle-pop. Fans of Biff Bang Pow!, Orange Juice, The Grass Roots and The Weather Prophets and the Creation, Pink and Sarah labels should feel right at home with these sweet sounds. The guitars clang and strum, the drums pop along and the stellar tunes put you in orbit. The arrangements are full and effective, supplementing the standard band line-up with added percussion and piano. Its an all around triumph, really, and further proof that quality tunes are always in style and bands need not kow-tow to the latest trends to make relevant music. Eventually it all comes down to classic tunes, great playing and infectious enthusiasm, and The Saturday People have all of that in spades.

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Published: 3 March 2002 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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