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"Busch - bossa nova" ... new album from germany's guitar popsters out *now*!
(CD - apricd024 - EFA 27379-2) - It was 1995. Some of us were in love, some out of love; some were happy, some suffered from a broken heart. All of a sudden an ep by a band called BUSCH appeared - it was the most sensitive and touching music we've heard in a long time. Songs based on a jangling guitar and a beautiful and shyish voice - and the lyrics were in German - and that they were the mere opposite of the UK rockers with a similar name (in English spelling though). A debut-album called Entsetzlich lead to euphoric reviews in magazines like Der Spiegel or Rolling Stone. Busch was described as an equivalent to The Smiths - a comparison that might be somewhat true, with music reminding everyone of a classic C86 style.And then we heard the new recordings by BUSCH - and it hit us like the first time. 1986 in the 22nd century, the style of British P!O!P!- bands and the sensitivity of German authors. We're shivering again now - Bossa Nova is a timid beauty conquering the hearts of P!O!P!-friends all over the world.

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Published: 29 March 2002 Author: Apricot Records
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