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new SPEARMINT album released: "a different lifetime"
17.08.2001 Spearmint - A different lifetime CD / DoubleLP (apricd022 / aprivin022 - EFA 27376-2/-1) 'love is a finite thing', says spearmint singer shirley lee, 'it will always end'. a different lifetime, the follow-up to spearmint's debut-album a week away, deals with the feelings of endings and beginnings. love can be the most beautiful thing in life and breaking-up can be devastating; sometimes love hurts and waving good-bye makes you feel good. the recordings for a different lifetime featured live strings and pete hofmann (producer of albums by gene and black box recorder) took care of the production. the result combines beauty and hope as well as grief and despair. an album so diverse and surprising as life sometimes can be. you'll come to discover: life is sweet and everything feels new - when there's someone to look up to. the people you love might change over the years - but there are songs that might accompany you forever.

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Published: 11 September 2001 Author: Apricot Records
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