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Indiepop Video Clips
The list below is very much out of date, it hardly includes any videos from the 1990s or 2000s.

WatchApple Boutique - Love Resistance
The Bats - Courage
WatchThe Bats - Made Up In Blue EP
Belle And Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane
Benny Profane - Skateboard To Oblivion
The Bodines - Decide
WatchThe Bodines - Shankin Queens
WatchThe Bodines - Slip Slide
WatchThe Brilliant Corners - Brian Rix
The Brilliant Corners - Delilah Sands
The Brilliant Corners - Love It I Lost It
The Brilliant Corners - My Baby In Black
The Brilliant Corners - Teenage
The Brilliant Corners - The Pope The Monkey And The Queen
WatchThe Brilliant Corners - Why Do You Have To Go Out With Him...
The Caretaker Race - Anywhere But Home
The Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit
The Chills - I Love My Leather Jacket
Close Lobsters - Nature Thing
Close Lobsters - Never Seen Before
Close Lobsters - What Is There To Smile About
The Driscolls - Doctor Good And His Incredible Life Saving S.
Eggstone - Never Been A Better Day
Eggstone - The Dog
The Flatmates - Heaven Knows
The Go-Betweens - Bye Bye Pride
The Go-Betweens - Spring Rain
The Go-Betweens - Streets Of Your Town
The Golden Dawn - George Hamilton's Dead
The Golden Dawn - My Secret World
Hal (Ireland) - Worry About The Wind
Heavenly - I Fell In Love Last Night
Heavenly - Our Love Is Heavenly
Heavenly - So Little Deserve
The House Of Love - Christine
The House Of Love - Destroy the heart
The House Of Love - I Don't Know Why I Love You
The House Of Love - Never
The House Of Love - The Beatles And The Stones
Jane Pow - Good Morning
Jesse Garon And The Desperadoes - The Adam Faith Experience
The June Brides - In The Rain
Hideki Kaji - August EP
Laugh! - Paul McCartney
The Lucksmiths - Naturaliste
The Man From Delmonte - My Love Is Like A Gift You Can't Return
The Man From Delmonte - Will Nobody Save Louise
McCarthy - Get A Knife Between Your Teeth
The Mighty Lemon Drops - Into The Heart Of Love
The Mighty Lemon Drops - My Biggest Thrill
The Mighty Lemon Drops - Out Of Hand
The Mighty Lemon Drops - The Other Side Of You
Mighty Mighty - Maisonette
My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me With Your Kiss
My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise
The Nightblooms - Crystal Eyes
Nivens - Dialect Drug
The Orchids - Thaumaturgy EP
The Orchids - What Will We Do Next
Pacific - Sea Of Sand e.p.
The Parachute Men - Leeds Station
The Pastels - Comin'through
The Pastels - Crawl Babies
The Pastels - Truck Train Tractor
The Pastels - Yoga
The Popguns - Still A World Away
The Popguns - Waiting For The Winter
Primal Scream - Gentle Tuesday
Primal Scream - Ivy Ivy Ivy
The Railway Children - A Gentle Sound
WatchThe Railway Children - Brighter
The Railway Children - Every Beat Of My Heart
The Railway Children - Music Stop
The Railway Children - So Right
The Sandkings - Rain
Shop Assistants - I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You
The Soup Dragons - Can't Take No More
WatchThe Soup Dragons - Hang Ten
The Soup Dragons - Head Gone Astray
The Soup Dragons - Soft As Your Face
Talulah Gosh - Steaming Train
WatchTalulah Gosh - Talulah Gosh
They Go Boom - Beyond Tommorrow
The Weather Prophets - Hollow Heart
The Weather Prophets - Naked As The Day You Were Born
The Weather Prophets - She Comes From The Rain
The Wedding Present - All The Songs Sound The Same
The Wedding Present - Blue Eyes
The Wedding Present - Boing
The Wedding Present - Brassneck
The Wedding Present - California
The Wedding Present - Come Play With Me
The Wedding Present - Dalliance
The Wedding Present - Flying Saucer
The Wedding Present - Go-Go Dancer
The Wedding Present - Kennedy
The Wedding Present - Loveslave
The Wedding Present - My Favourite Dress
The Wedding Present - Silvershorts
The Wedding Present - Sticky
The Wedding Present - The Queen Of Outer Space
The Wedding Present - Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now
The Wolfhounds - Cruelty
The Wolfhounds - Happy Shopper
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