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on the TweeNet turntable this month
this is a new section where I will write about the LPs and CD which are in heavy rotation here are TweeNet headquarters. I just got back from London where I bought lots of records, most of them old ones, so you will see some of this on the page later.

The Orange Peels - Square
I have been looking for the this for ages and finally found it at London's HVM for 14.99 pounds, luckily I didn't buy it but did so two days later at a South London 2nd store for 4.99 :-), anyway Allen Clapp continues making great pop music here.

The Lucksmiths - A Good Kind Of Nervous
excellent Australian pop which reminds me of the Sugargliders and which I currently prefer to the new Steinbecks mini-lp

Poundsign - Wavelength
although not as loud as on their early material, this is superb American pop-music.

Hideki Kaji - Mini Skirt
Japan meets Sweden on this fabulous CD. Producer and backing band was Eggstone. Beautiful trumpets and organs. "Tokyo to London" features guest singer Sarah Cracknall. Try your Japanse import shop.

Eggstone - Spanish Slalom
although all of the 19 songs are old and we have to wait some more time for new Eggstone material, this is an excellent collection of songs by my all time favourite Swedish band.

Brideshead - Some People Have All The Fun
extremly poppy band from Germany with their debut-album on Marsh-Marigold. I love those trumpets.

The Casswells - CD on Vinyl Japan
I haven't heard anything about this before, this is Paul Haywains new band and it sounds like grown up Haywains, very good.

The Irregulars
- a flexi which came with a A Riot Of Colour flexi, excellent 80ies indiepop stuff, anybody ever heard of them?

Cinerama - Va Va Voom and Kerry Kerry
I haven't bought anything by the Wedding Present in years, (BTW, you can get their early stuff pretty cheap in London these days) this is the poppiest David Gedge ever, they have lots of sound samples at

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