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Quiz 2001 Answers
1. The debut single by American pop band Honeybunch was 'Hey Blue Sky!' on the Bus Stop label. This song is not about the weather. What is it about?
Jeffrey of Honeybunch sings about his Ex-girlfriend 'Phoebe Blue-sky Summerquash' who was the drummer in Small Factory.

2. On their single 'Happy Hour' the Housemartins claimed to be the fourth best band from Hull. Who were the three best ones (according to the Housemartins)?
The best three were: 'The Gargoyls', '3 Action' and 'Pink Noise'.

3. The B-Side of the legendary C86 compilation album was dominated by bands on the Ron Johnson label, all a bit louder and not as melodic as the tracks on the A-Side. Who was this Ron Johnson guy the label was named after?
The is some controversy about this one, some claim it is a chip-shop in Hull but I think it was names after a cheesy character in the 1982 film 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'.

4. Identify the bands and the song titles the following lyrics are taken from?

  • 'To you I mean something special a welcome change, usually how does your day begin?'
    'The Soup Dragons - Head Gone Astray'
  • 'It's like telling a joke without a point, like kissing a girl without a tongue'
    'Acid House Kings - Adorable'
  • 'on the ferris wheel, looking out on Coney Island, under more stars than there are prostitutes in Thailand.'
    'Magentic Fields - Strange Powers'

    5. 'Belle And Sebastian' and 'The Railway Children' named themselves after children's books. Name three more indie-pop bands that named themselves after children's books (no TV shows).
    'The Would-Be Goods', 'Charlottes Web', 'Die Fünf Freunde'

    6. What do the following three singles have in common:
    'The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side',
    'St. Etienne - Who Do You Think You Are?'
    'The Wedding Present - The Queen Of Outer Space'?
    All three peaked at number 23 in UK singles charts.

    7. Occasionally indie-pop celebrities have indie-pop bands playing at their wedding ceremonies or receptions. Name three of those indie-pop celebrities and the bands that played at their weddings.
    As far as I remember The Fat Tulips played at Rex and Haley Strawberry Story's one. Small Factory at Terry and Karen Banks (of Saturday People). Die Fünf Freunde played at Oliver Marsh Marigold's wedding. I am sure they were many more.

    8. What do the following three bands have in common:
    'Shelley', 'The Foaming Beauties' and 'Fosca'?
    People said Dickon Edwards played in all three of them, but that would be too easy and it is also wrong because he didn't play with 'The Foaming Beauties'. The answer is that members from all three bands played together in an early incarnation of Orlando.

    9. Name three indie-pop fanzines named after pop songs?
    Phew Wow (The Farmer's Boys), Hand In Glove (The Smiths), Simply Thrilled (Orange Juice) and there are many more.

    10. Hideki Kaji played a fabulous gig at the San Francisco 2001 popfest, how is he related to San Francisco's finest pop band 'The Orange Peels'?
    Mr. Kaji played in the Japanese band 'The Bridge' who shared a flexi with 'Allen Clapp' who is the main man behind The Orange Peels.

    11. Name three current indie-pop super-groups. A super-group consists of at least three members that played in well known bands before they joined the super-group.
    'Sportique' has Gregory Webster (Razorcuts), Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (Heavenly etc.), Marc Flunders (McTells). 'Saturday People' in DC consist of 'Terry Banks' (Gloworm, Tree Fort Angst etc.), Archie Moore (Velocity Girl) and 'Dan Searing' and 'Greg Pavlovcak' who both played with any DC indiepop band ever raved about in the pages of the City Paper. Finally, The Aislers Set has members of 'Henry's Dress', 'The Fairways' and 'Poundsign'

    12. Name three indie-pop bands that have tribute albums dedicated to them.
    Go-Betweens, Felt, The Smiths, Field Mice (unreleased)

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