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New Releases
Below is a list of new releases that in our database, these should have been released recently but may go back as far as 3 years ago. Older releases new to the TweeNet database are not listed here. You can click on either the band to get to the band page or on the title to get more information about the release.

Juvenilia - Juvenilia
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-009 (LP)

The Golden Rail - Sometimes When
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-020 (12")

Cypress Mine - Exit Trashtown
Roc-1 (LP)

Cypress Mine - Exit Trashtown / In Pieces
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-010 (LP)

El Palacio de Linares - Largos Agotadores
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-018 (12")

Adele & The Chandeliers - First Date
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-023 (LP+12")

The Lodger - Cul-de-sac of love
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-024 (LP)

The Laughing Chimes - In This Town
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-025 (12")

Hank Idory - Sentimental Jamboree
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-026 (12")

Band À Part - Nuestro Momento
Elefant - ER-2020 (MP3)

Band À Part - Templos Y Neones LP
Elefant - ER-1255 (LP)

Band À Part - Templos Y Neones
Elefant - ER-2020 (MP3)

Band À Part - Como Hablar Con Chicas En Las Fiestas
Elefant - ER-2019 (MP3)

Band À Part - Maravillas De La Ciencia
Elefant - ER-1188 (CD)

Band À Part - Franny Y Tu
Elefant - ER-326 (7")

Band À Part - La Aventura Original
Elefant - ER-1176 (10")

Band À Part - Una Persona Normal Con Gafas De Metal
Elefant - ER-292 (7")

Band À Part - No Se Por Que
Elefant - ER-279 (7")

Alpaca Sports - Saddest Girl In The World
Elefant - ER-2019 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - I'll Do Anything You Want
Elefant - ER-2018 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - From Paris With Love
Elefant - ER-1232 (CD+LP)

Alpaca Sports - Nobody Cares But Me
Elefant - ER-2018 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - Summer Days
Elefant - ER-2018 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - When You Need Me The Most
Elefant - ER-1204 (10")

Alpaca Sports - Just Like Them
Elefant - ER-2015 (MP3)

The School - Christmas EP
Elefant - ER-2019 (MP3)

The School - My Arms, They Feel Like Nothing
Elefant - ER-2016 (MP3)

The School - Wasting Away And Wondering
Elefant - ER-1201 (CD+LP)

The School - Do I Love You?
Elefant - ER-2015 (MP3)

The School - All I Want From You Is Everything
Elefant - ER-334 (7")

The School - When I Fall In Love
Where It's At Is Where You Are - WIA014004 (7")

The School - Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything
Elefant - ER-1166 (CD+LP)

The School - Never Thought I'd See The Day
Elefant - ER-2012 (MP3)

The School - I Love Everything
Elefant - ER-2011 (MP3)

The School - Hoping and Praying
Elefant - ER-2011 (MP3)

TELECLUB - Recordara Mi Nombre
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

TELECLUB - Al Final Del Verano
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

LISASINSON - Ultimamente
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

LISASINSON - Cuchillos
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

LISASINSON - Un Ano De Cambios
Elefant - ER-1287 (LP+CD)

LISASINSON - Se Me Ha Muerto Una Flor
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

Whitney's Playland - A Day At The Fair
Paisley Shirt Records - PSR-61.61 (MP3)

Present Electric - Present Electric
Paisley Shirt Records - PSR-62 (K7)

Papercuts - Past Life Regression
Slumberland Records - SLR-265 (CD+LP)

Jeanines - Don't Wait For A Sign
Slumberland Records - SLR-262 (CD+LP)

The Umbrellas - Write It In The Sky
Slumberland Records - SLR-269 (7")

Peel Dream Magazine - Pad
Slumberland Records - SLR-272 (CD+LP)

The Reds, Pinks and Purples - They Only Wanted Your Soul
Slumberland Records - SLR-266 (LP)

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