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New Releases
Below is a list of new releases that in our database, these should have been released recently but may go back as far as 3 years ago. Older releases new to the TweeNet database are not listed here. You can click on either the band to get to the band page or on the title to get more information about the release.

Flowertown - Half Yesterday
Paisley Shirt Records - PSR-59 (K7)

Galore - Blush
Paisley Shirt Records - PSR-60 (K7)

Whitney's Playland - Sunset Sea Breeze
Paisley Shirt Records - PSR-61 (K7)

The Hepburns - Only The Hours
LSCD-05 (CD)

The Hepburns - Architecture Of The Ages
Elefant - ER-1271 (CD+LP)

The Hepburns - Electric Lliedi Land
H-ELL 01 (CD)

The Hepburns - In the Mean Time
KHZ-118 (CD)

The Hepburns - There Is No Such Thing as the Hepburns
KHZ-116 (CD+LP)

The Hepburns - How the Fallen Are Mighty
KHZ-210 (CD+LP)

The Hepburns - Trojan Hearse
BDG-001 (CD)

Belle And Sebastian - Late Developers
OLE 1896-LP (CD+LP)

God Help The Girl - Original Soundtrack
M2-36700 (CD+LP)

God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl (soundtrack)

God Help The Girl - Come Monday Night
OLE 874-7 (7")

God Help The Girl - Funny Little Frog
Rough Trade - RTRADS513 (7")

God Help The Girl - Baby You're Blind
Rough Trade - RTRADS574 (CDr)

God Help The Girl - Stills
Rough Trade - RTRADST512 (10")

God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl

Belle And Sebastian - A Bit Of Previous

Belle And Sebastian - Days Of The Bagnold Summer
OLE 1455-1 (CD+LP)

Belle And Sebastian - How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 1-3
OLE 1123-2 (CD)

Belle And Sebastian - Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance
OLE 1056-1 (CD+LP)

Belle And Sebastian - The Third Eye Centre
A&CMX081 (CD+LP)

Belle And Sebastian - Write About Love
9787883256434 (CD+LP+MP3)

Belle And Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
OLE 687 - 1 (CD+LP)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Always
Shelflife Records - LIFE - 2015 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Merry Christmas, Marie
Shelflife Records - LIFE - 2015 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Tell Me More
Labrador Records - LAB2016 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye
Shelflife Records - LIFE - 2016 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Kristina
Labrador Records - LAB156 (CD+LP)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Top Love
Matinée Recordings - MATC2018 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Always on Your Side EP
Sunday Records - SUNDAY 960 (CD)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Ruin My Life
Matinée Recordings - MATC2018 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - The Swedish Winter
Matinée Recordings - MATC2019 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Stockholm
Matinée Recordings - MATCD084 (CD)

Red Sleeping Beauty - California

Red Sleeping Beauty - We Are Magic

Red Sleeping Beauty - Ikvall

Red Sleeping Beauty - Tonight

Red Sleeping Beauty - Chica De Madrid/Love At Third Sight

Red Sleeping Beauty - New York City Girls
Matinée Recordings - MATC2019 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Mi Amor

Red Sleeping Beauty - Second Time
Matinée Recordings - MATC2021 (MP3)

Red Sleeping Beauty - Solid Gold
Matinée Recordings - MATC2022 (MP3)

Alvvays - Blue Rev
ALV003 (CD+LP+K7)

Alvvays - Antisocialites
PCD-22402 (CD+LP+K7)

TRONCO - Animales
Elefant - ER-2018 (MP3)

TRONCO - Tralara
Elefant - ER-1236 (LP)

TRONCO - La Casa De Tus Suenos
Elefant - ER-2020 (MP3)

TRONCO - Volvere
Elefant - ER-2021 (MP3)

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