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New Additions
here's a list of the lastest 50 additions to the TweeNet record database:

Juvenilia - Juvenilia
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-009 (LP)

The Golden Rail - Sometimes When
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-020 (12")

Cypress Mine - Exit Trashtown
Roc-1 (LP)

Cypress Mine - Exit Trashtown / In Pieces
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-010 (LP)

El Palacio de Linares - Largos Agotadores
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-018 (12")

Adele & The Chandeliers - First Date
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-023 (LP+12")

The Lodger - Cul-de-sac of love
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-024 (LP)

The Laughing Chimes - In This Town
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-025 (12")

Hank Idory - Sentimental Jamboree
Pretty Olivia Records - POLP-026 (12")

Band À Part - Nuestro Momento
Elefant - ER-2020 (MP3)

Band À Part - Templos Y Neones LP
Elefant - ER-1255 (LP)

Band À Part - Templos Y Neones
Elefant - ER-2020 (MP3)

Band À Part - Como Hablar Con Chicas En Las Fiestas
Elefant - ER-2019 (MP3)

Band À Part - Maravillas De La Ciencia
Elefant - ER-1188 (CD)

Band À Part - Franny Y Tu
Elefant - ER-326 (7")

Band À Part - La Aventura Original
Elefant - ER-1176 (10")

Band À Part - Una Persona Normal Con Gafas De Metal
Elefant - ER-292 (7")

Band À Part - No Se Por Que
Elefant - ER-279 (7")

Alpaca Sports - Saddest Girl In The World
Elefant - ER-2019 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - I'll Do Anything You Want
Elefant - ER-2018 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - From Paris With Love
Elefant - ER-1232 (CD+LP)

Alpaca Sports - Nobody Cares But Me
Elefant - ER-2018 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - Summer Days
Elefant - ER-2018 (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - When You Need Me The Most
Elefant - ER-1204 (10")

Alpaca Sports - Just Like Them
Elefant - ER-2015 (MP3)

The School - Christmas EP
Elefant - ER-2019 (MP3)

The School - My Arms, They Feel Like Nothing
Elefant - ER-2016 (MP3)

The School - Wasting Away And Wondering
Elefant - ER-1201 (CD+LP)

The School - Do I Love You?
Elefant - ER-2015 (MP3)

The School - All I Want From You Is Everything
Elefant - ER-334 (7")

The School - When I Fall In Love
Where It's At Is Where You Are - WIA014004 (7")

The School - Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything
Elefant - ER-1166 (CD+LP)

The School - Never Thought I'd See The Day
Elefant - ER-2012 (MP3)

The School - I Love Everything
Elefant - ER-2011 (MP3)

The School - Hoping and Praying
Elefant - ER-2011 (MP3)

TELECLUB - Recordara Mi Nombre
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

TELECLUB - Al Final Del Verano
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

LISASINSON - Ultimamente
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

LISASINSON - Cuchillos
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

LISASINSON - Un Ano De Cambios
Elefant - ER-1287 (LP+CD)

LISASINSON - Se Me Ha Muerto Una Flor
Elefant - ER-2023 (MP3)

Whitney's Playland - A Day At The Fair
Paisley Shirt Records - PSR-61.61 (MP3)

Present Electric - Present Electric
Paisley Shirt Records - PSR-62 (K7)

Papercuts - Past Life Regression
Slumberland Records - SLR-265 (CD+LP)

Jeanines - Don't Wait For A Sign
Slumberland Records - SLR-262 (CD+LP)

The Umbrellas - Write It In The Sky
Slumberland Records - SLR-269 (7")

Peel Dream Magazine - Pad
Slumberland Records - SLR-272 (CD+LP)

The Reds, Pinks and Purples - They Only Wanted Your Soul
Slumberland Records - SLR-266 (LP)

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