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Talulah Gosh and the anti anorak league

Blimey, some people are fickle. A few months ago A Pastels badge was the ultimate sign of good taste. Now I hearof people throwing theirs in the bin / folk whose opinion I have always valued highly suddenly snarling at the mere sight of an Anorak

I can't understand it myself. I suppose it's because people are afraid that the anorak has become to us pop children what the parka was to second generation mods. So what we get is people who should be spreading the word together now turning on each other. Where's the optimism of 1985 gone? Whatever happened to happiness? Good God, it's only an item of clothing. I've never met an anorak wearer who didn't have immaculate taste in, and was terribly enthusiastic about, pop music, good books, cinema and all things groovy. Why are people suddenly so cynical?

Talulah Gosh seem to have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Their pudding bowl haricuts and anoraks just went too far. I mean who really cares what the music sounds like - the fact they did a song called "The day I lost Her Pastels badge" means they must be crap, right? A valued friend told me he thought they were third rate Shop Assistants copyist. Can you believe that?

Talulah Gosh write such wonderfully happy pop songs - oh sorry I forgot it's so 'uncool' to be happy isn't it? Well that's what most people in London tell me anyway. No wonder then that the media went for their throats. I war worried for a bit that they were going to call it a day, and it is smashing. One in the eye for the stupid sods who couldn't decide whether or not it was 'hip' to like Talulah Gosh.

So in 'real life' they're nasty little rich kids, eh? Well David Grosby was an absolute turd but it didn't stop him writing classic pop songs. Never mind the haircuts, the music speaks for itself. As for me, I'm still wearing my Pastels badge with pride

taken from one of the Caff fanzines
© The Caff Corporation 1987

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