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Indiepop Books
A list of books about indiepop or at least covering some aspects of indiepop or pop.

Neo Acoustic book

31 Songs
UK 2003 - English by  Nick Hornby
A Scene In Between
UK 2013 - English by  Sam Knee
Tripping through the fashions of UK indie music 1980-1988
Billy Bragg - Midnights in Moscow
UK 1989 - English by  Chris Salewicz
Facing The Music
US 1988 - English by  Simon Frith
Essays on Pop, Rock and Culture
In session tonight
UK 1993 - English 
Book about BBC radio sessions including listings of all John Peel sessions up to the time of publishing.
Like Punk Never Happened
UK 1985 - English by  Dave Rimmer
Culture Club and the New Pop
DE 1988 - German by  Debbi Voller
Die illustrierte Biographie von Debbie Voller
Manic Pop Thrill
US 1993 - English by  Rachel Felder
Japan 2000 - Japanese 
The ultimate Japanese indiepop listing book
Record collector - rare record price guide
UK 2000 - English 
The bible for record collectors, published anually
Rock Musik Lexikon Europe (Band 1+2)
DE 1986 - German by  Christian Graf
Something Beginning With O
UK 1993 - English by  Kevin Pearce
Spin Underground USA
US 1997 - English by  various
The best of rock culture coast to coast
The Creation Records story
UK 2000 - English by  David Cavanagh
Great read about the history of the label from the early days through the 80ies into the Oasis age. Also covers Postcard and Cherry Red. A must read.
The Great Indie Discography
UK 2003 - English by  M.C. Strong
Massive A4 book with over 1000 pages with short biographies and good discographies of more than 2000 artists.
The Guiness Book Of British Hit Albums
UK 1988 - English by  Paul Gambaccini, Tim Rice, Jo Rice
The Guiness Book Of British Hit Singles
UK 0 - English by  Paul Gambaccini, Tim Rice, Jo Rice
Every Single Hit since 1952, 7th Edition
The Guiness Who's Who of indie and new wave
UK 1995 - English 
Band biographies including various Sarah bands
The Omnibus Chart Book of the 80's
UK 1989 - English by  Dave McAleer
The Rock Yearbook 1987
US 1988 - English by  Tom Hibbert
The Smiths - The Complete Story
UK 1985 - English by  Mick Middles
The Smiths in quotes
UK 1985 - English by  Kevin Cummins
The Story Of Top Of The Pops
UK 1985 - English by  Steve Blacknell
TV's most successful pop show
The Trouser Press Record Guide
UK 1991 - English by  Ira A. Robbins (Editor)
Great coverage of the 80s indie and alternative releases.
The Wedding Present, Thank Yer, Very Glad
UK 1990 - English by  Mark Hodkinson
World Famous Guitar Pop
Japan 1999 - Japanese 
Listing book covering the following sections: 'The classics of guitair pop (1960-70s)' , 'Guitar pop for post punk age (1980-)', 'Guitar pop now (1990-)', 'Pop singer songwriter (1980s-90s)', 'Modern rock and roots rock (1980s-90s)'.
Young and foolish
UK 1998 - English by  Alistair Fitchett
Collection of articles on Esurient, American rock, Go-Betweens, Belle and Sebastian and others.
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