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The Technical Side
Browser Support
The spring 2004 version of TweeNet was tested in various browsers. The following table describes the compatibility and issues with certain Browsers. If you are using a current browser, you should get the full experience. Older browsers still allow you to see all content on the site, but it may look a bit funny.

Browser Platforms Issues
IE 5.0-6.0Windows-
Gecko 20041Windows / Mac-
Safari 1.1Mac-
IE 5.2MacGo button for search is on a separate row.
Opera 7WindowsOn big screens, wide space between navigation and content.
IE 4.0WindowsFilter on Band and Label pages doesn't work. Search Results not formatted correctly.
Netscape 4.xWindowsFilter on Band and Label pages doesn't work. Several page elements are sized incorrectly. Font type and size may be incorrect.
Netscape 3WindowsJavaScript error on every page. Disable JavaScript. Filter on Band and Label pages doesn't work. Several page elements are sized incorrectly. Font type and size are incorrect.
1 The Gecko Engine is used by various browsers such as Netscape 6+, Mozilla and Firefox.
Content Management Systems.
Most modern web sites are build and managed by some Software known as 'Content Management Systems' (CMS), TweeNet is no exception except that it used special build software to generate its discography pages when it first went online back it October 1994. At the time we were using some custom scripts creating HTML pages from a Phoenix database system on an Atari ST.
By the end of 1994 we had moved to a more powerful database on Windows NT. By mid-1995 we had created a custom application called DAWA (Database Aided Web Authoring), the content for all pages was now stored in a database. One major advantage of using a content management system is the separation of content and layout. This makes it very easy to make a change a the site layout structure and then apply it to thousands of pages. It also makes it easy to link pages with related data.
Over the year we added more and more features. A major change was implemented in 2003 when the page layout logic was moved out of the core system to XSLT files that transform XML files created by the system into HTML files.

From 1994 to the beginning of 2005 our CMS was actually an MS Access database application.
In the spring of 2005 we ported that application to a web based CMS written in C# and the Microsoft .net Framework and using SQL Server as its storage engine. This system called 'Topas' (Tweenet Online PAge management System") went live in June 2005 and can be used by any interested parties to add content to the site.
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