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Popkids at the Popfest-East '97
At the pre-popfest party

Kat Kinsman (in leather), Tami Heaton talking to Jill Bliss, and the bright Maura

Larry Bonk, Roy Sullivan and Stephen Wood

at the Popfest party itself

Chris Jigsaw and Heidi Powertoot selling their stuff

"this is the new Push Kings 7" explains Peter "Double Agent" Green

Matthew Jacobson is flirting with Rose Shoestring, Jenn Levy is listening

Jill Bliss and Rose Shoestring

Keith "Testcard" D'Arcy gets the lastest pop-gossip from Mario Shoestring

Brian Gray and Peter Hahndorf announcing the winners of the poll
at the post-Popfest party at Kartyhm's

Tami and Mike Appelstein aka The Poconos, playing their first gig

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