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Individual Poll 2012 Vote
voted by: Tandberg

favourite bands the year:
Cats on Fire
Allo Darlin
The Smittens

the best pop songs:
Vasas Flora och Fauna - Di tror int n?r jag s?ger
The Smittens - Last bus
Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament - Vinegar Tom

the best albums:
Cats On Fire - All Blackshirts To Me
Allo Darlin - Europe
The Smittens - Believe Me

the most promising new acts:
Vasas Flora och Fauna
Last Leaves
Haiku Salut

the most amazing live experiences:
Cats on Fire @ IndiePopDays, Berlin
The Smittens @ Majas, Varberg
Vasas Flora och Fauna @ Cosy Den, Stockholm

the best record label:
Matin?e Recordings

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