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Individual Poll 2012 Vote
voted by: Xanthi P. (Songs For Girls To Sing)

favourite bands the year:
Sweater Girls
The Icicles

the best pop songs:
Dead Angle - Malice In Your Words
Liechtenstein - Strange Ideas
Mini Dresses - Post Office Girl

the best albums:
Sweater Girls - Sweater Girls Were Here
Strawberry Whiplash - Hits In The Car
Sourpatch - Stagger & Sade

the most promising new acts:
The Choo Choo Trains
Colour Me Wednesday
The Tuts

the best record label:
Elefant Records

cool mailing list or newsgroup besides indiepop:

best indie-pop web site:

best paper fanzine or magazine:

best mail-order:
Jigsaw Records
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