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Indiepop list member's poll 1997 full results
the bands you couldn't live without:

1. Belle & Sebastian (39)
2. Holiday (9)
3. The Trembling Blue Stars (8)
4. The Magnetic Fields (7)
   The Divine Comedy (7)
6. The Apples in Stereo (6)
   Heavenly (6)
7. La Buena Vida (5)
   Push Kings (5)
   Stereolab (5)

Acid House Kings (2)
Aden (2)
Adventures In Stereo
Aimee Mann
American Analog Set
Arabesque (3)
Avocado Baby
Bedhead (2)
Ben Folds Five
Blueboy (2)
Brilliant Corners
Built To Spill
Cat's Miaow (3)
Cessna (2)
Class (2)
Club 8 (2)
Dead Kennedys
East River Pipe
Eggstone (4)
Elevator To Hell
Elliot Smith
Everything but the girl
The Field Mice (4)
Free Design (2)
Future Bible Heroes (3)
Gene (2)
Gentle People
Hazel (2)
Henry's Dress
High Llamas (3)
Holiday Flyer
Hood (2)
Ida (3)
Jason Falkner
Juniper (4)
Le Mans
Lois (2)
Mark Eitzel (2)
Mogwai (4)
Morrissey (4)
My Bloody Valentine (2)
My Favorite (2)
Names for Pebbles
Nord Express (2)
Number One Cup
Orange Cake Mix
Papas Fritas
Pavement (3)
#Poundsign# (2)
Primal Scream
Promise Ring
Radiohead (4)
Ray Wonder
Red Sleeping Beauty (2)
Rocketship (4)
Saint Etienne (2)
Sarah Cracknell
Sea and Cake (2)
Secret Stars (2)
Shoestrings (2)
Silver Scooter
Sleater Kinney
Sloan (4)
Souled American (2)
Starlet (2)
Suede (2)
Super (3)
Superchunk (2)
Team Dresch
Teenage Fanclub (2)
The Aluminum Group
The Autocollants
The Cardigans
The Crabs
The Dead C (2)
The Fall
The Hang Ups (2)
The Honeymoons
The Leslies (2)
The Melons
The Mountain Goats (2)
The Orchids
The Pastels (3)
The Ramones
The Receptionists
The Ropers (3)
The Softies (2)
The Steinbecks
The Summer Hits (3)
The sundays (2)
The Superkids (3)
The Wedding Present (4)
Tobin Sprout
Track Star
Uretsei yatsura
Velodrome 2000
Wooden Stars and Snailhouse
Yo La Tengo (2)

pop songs your new boyfriend should really know about:

1. Belle & Sebastian - A Century Of Fakers (5)
2. Belle & Sebastian - Photo Jenny (4)
   Juniper - Think and Die Thinking (4)
4. Eggstone - April and May (3)
   Ninotchka - I've got wings (3)

Acid House Kings - yes! you love me
Aden - "Scooby Doo" by
Aden - The Cause of Your Tears
Adventures In Stereo - "There Was A Time"
Aimee Mann - Driving with one hand on the wheel
Air miami - afternoon train
Alastair Galbraith - Rivulets (2)
Anorak Girl - Billies joined the fanclub
Arab Strap - Hey! Fever
Arabesque - "Pink champagne"
Arabesque - Love is (2)
Astrid -  High in the Morning
Bella Vista - Dead Fish
Belle & Sabastian - Mayfly
Belle & Sebastian - Beautiful
Belle & Sebastian - belle & sebastian
Belle & Sebastian - Fox in the snow (2)
Belle & Sebastian - Get me away from here i'm dying (2)
Belle & Sebastian - Judy and the Dream of Horses
Belle & Sebastian - la pastie de la bourgeousie (2)
Belle & sebastian - lazy line painter jane (2)
Belle & Sebastian - Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie (2)
Belle & Sebastian - Like Dylan in the Movies
Belle & Sebastian - My Wandering Days Are Over
Belle & Sebastian - Stars of Track and Field
Belle & Sebastian - String Bean Jean
Belmondo - Paris Kiss
Ben Folds Five - battle of who could care less
Ben Folds Five - Brick
Bernd Begemann - Ich habe mich rasiert
Bigstar - Holocaust
Bike - Welcome To My World
Birdie - Port Sunlight (2)
Birdie - spiral staircase
Bis - dinosaur germs
Bis - tell it to the kids
Bis - Starbright Boy
Bis - This Is Fake D.I.Y.
Blueboy "Fleetway"
Blueboy "The Joy of Living"
Blur - song 2
Bunnygrunt - superstar 666
Cardigans - carnival
Cat's miaow -i fall to pieces
Cause of Your Tears
Cigarettes - "show"
class - "feeling fine"
Class - Overdose
Club 8 - "Breakdown"
Cornershop - Brimful of Asha
Cosgrove - They're There
Crabs - love and hate (2)
Cuppa joe - archipellago
Deep Sea Diving Suit, magnetic fields
Divine Comedy - "Everybody knows"
Divine comedy -  casanova
Eggplant  New Life
Eggstone - Taramasalata
Eggstone - Wrong heaven
Faster Tiger - Lifeline
Fenchurch - Bradley Three
First Grade Love Affair
Fountains Of Wayne - Radiation Vibe
Free design - my very own angel (2)
Future Bible Heroes - Blond Adonis
future bible heroes - but you're so beautiful
Future Bible Heroes - Love is Blue
Future Bible Heroes - One Real Summer
Gene - Where are they now?
Go Plus - strum
Go Sailor - Together forever in love
Go Sailor - The Boy Who Sailed Around the World
Gritty Kitty - Spica
Gritty Kitty - dumpy
Hang Ups - The Entry
Hazel - airiana
Heavenly - Our Love Is Heavenly
Heavenly - Ben Sherman
Helen Love - Does Your Heart Go Boom
Hideki Kaji - ?
Hideki Kaji - Eggstone
Hideki Kaji - Misu
Hideki Kaji and Sarah Cracknell  Tokyo to London
Holiday - All I Want
Holiday - Just Follow (Your Heart)
Holiday - Well enough alone
Holiday - your very last party
HollAnd - Stampstain
Honyemoons Never Forget
Hooker O.K. - Lemonade
Ida - Dream date
Ida - Shoe-In
Ida - Sorry Sorry
Ida - Truxton Parks
Ivy - Baker
Ivy - I've Got A Feeling
Ivy - The best thing
Jellyfish - Baby's Coming Back
Jellyfish - I wanna Stay Home
Jenhitt- Switch Line
Juniper - Summer On My Mind (2)
Just Follow
Kewl (Lousy)
Kissing Book tales of a fourth grade nothing
La Buena Vida- pacifico
Ladybug Transistor - your wagging tail
Leslie Philips - TOMORROWS WORLD
Leslies  Leaving the House
leslies - so sincere
LIDA HUSIK - Fly Stereophonic
Louis Philippe - Venus (2)
Loveletter - Barbarella (2)
Magnetic Fields - As You Turn to Go
Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers
Masters of the Hemisphere - "Bat"
Metronome - Easy To Say
Morrissey - alma matters
Morrissey - Now my heart is ful
Morrissey - trouble loves me
Morrissey - Wide to Receive
Mountain Goats - Chinese House Flowers (2)
My Favorite - Modulate
My favorite - working class jacket
Names for Pebbles - Sunnybank
Nord Express - Madeline
Northern Picture Library - "Love song for the Dead Che"
Of montreal - don't ask me to explain (2)
Onwards And Away (Elevator To Hell)
Orange cake mix - baby it's in the stars (2)
Orange peels   something strange happens
Orange Peels - "Something Strange Happens"
Papas Fritas   Lame to Be
Pastels "Love It's getting Better"
Pavement - Shady Lane (2)
Photon Band- I Understand All Too Well
Plumtree - "I Love You When You're Walking Away"
Poundsign - Lou Gehrig
Poundsign - Michigan
Prolapse - Testation
Promise Ring "Picture Postcard"
Quigley - Sahara
Radiohead - exit music for a film (2)
Radiohead - karma police
Red Sleeping Beauty - It happens
Red Sleeping Beauty - Pop Songs
Riviera - heaven knows i love you
Rizzo - i know it's late
Rocketship - Get on the Floor (and move it)
Rocketship - hey hey girl
Sarah Cracknell - Ready or Not
Sarah Dougher - eaking In a Brand New Broken Heart
Sarge - Dear Josie, Love Robynn
Schrasj - Tower
Sea and cake - sporting life
Secret Stars - R.P.M.s
Serge gainsbourg, je t'aime
Shoestrings - Whipped
Sky mic- pierced by a stranger's heart
Sloan - "Everything You've Done Wrong"
Soup Dragons - Swirling Round the Garden
Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Starlet - afraid (2)
Starlet - au pair
Starlet - pin-up
Starlet - wendy
Statuesque - "Ton of feathers, ton of steel"
Stereolab - "miss modular"
Stereolab - You used to call me sadness
Suede - The chemestry between us
Sukpatch - Straightest lines
Sunshower - Anything
Teen anthems - welsh bands suck (2)
Teenage Fanclub - "I Don't Want Control Of You"
The 3 peeps - my heaven, my sky
The apples in stereo - fame
The Apples in Stereo - Seems So
the apples in stereo - silverchain
The Autocollants - Apple Vines
The Autocollants - Casa
The autumn teen sound - misunderstood
The Cardigans - Cloudy Sky
The Cloud (Elevator To Hell)
The donnas - get rid of that girl
The Fall - Spencer Must Die
The Field mice - if you need someone
The Field Mice - Sensitive
The Field Mice - Willow
the girl i love is gone by jay jay johanson
The Heartworms - No Way, No Way
The House Of Love - Girl With The Lonliest Eyes
The Melons - eskimo
The Moonlings - Coming True
The music tapes - please hear mr. flight control
The Puddle - Southern Man (2)
The pulars - suffocation
The Ramones "I wanna be your boyfriend"
The Ropers "These Days" (2)
The Ropers "You have a light"
The softies - it's love
The Sugarplastic - Polly Brown
The Summer Hits "Stony Creation"
The teacups - no black magic
The Teen Anthems - Swansea City
The Wannadies - you and me song
The Wedding Present - A Million Miles
The wedding present - suck
Tiger Trap - "Sweetheart"
Tiger Trap - supercrush
Tiny Too - If i was a boy
Toulouse - One AM
Trembling Blue Stars - Though I Still Want To Fall Into Your Arms
Trembling blue stars -for this one (2)
Trembling blue stars -Rainbows (2)
Tullycraft  - Sweet
Vehicle Flips - "Household Expatriate"
Velocette - get yourself together (2)
Velodrome 2000  - Charity Shopping
Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube

most listen to longplay records:

 1. Belle & Sebastian - If You Are Feeling Sinister (30)
 2. Holiday - Cafe Reggio (10)
 3. Push Kings (8)
 4. La Buena Vida - Soidemersol (7)
    Shoestrings - Wishes on planes (7)
 6. The Apples in Stereo - Tone Soul Evolution (6)
    Morrissey - Maladjusted (6)
    Various - Songs for the jet set (6)
 9. Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear The Herat Beating As One (5)
10. Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk (4)
    Radiohead - ok computer (4)
    Sarah Cracknell - Lipslide (4)

A Happy Pocket
Aden - Aden (2)
Adventures In Stereo
Autumn Leaves CD
Half Man Half Biscuit - Back In the DHSS
Barry Adamson - Oedipus Schmoedipus
Beatnik Filmstars - In Hospitable
Beautiful South - blue is the colour
Ben Folds Five - whatever and ever amen (2)
Big Star "Third/Sister Lovers"
Bis - The New Transistor Heros (3)
Brincando de deus - running live on your mind
Broadcast - Work and Non-Work (3)
Bunnygrunt - action pants
Cessna - Bordeaux
Ciao Bella - 1
Cigarettes - bingo
Class - first (2)
Club 8 - nouvelle (2)
Cold cold hearts-s/t
Cornershop - when i was born for the 7th time (2)
Divine Comedy - A short album about love
Double agent 1980 comp.
Dubstar "goodbye"
Eggstone - Vive la difference (2)
Elliot Smith - Either/Or (2)
Famous Boyfriend (2)
Fenchurch - Teenage Velvet Material
Fountains of wayne
Frank & Walters - Grand Parade
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys
Future bible heroes  - memories of love
Gene - Drawn to the deep end
Gritty Kitty - Mistaking Airplanes for Stars (2)
Helium - magic city
Hideki Kaji
Holiday - Ready, Steady, Go
Holland - Your Orgasm
Hooker O.K.    s/t
Individual Fruit Pie "Lay By Lullaby"
Ivy "Apartment Life"
Jason Falkner presents Author Unknown
Jason Morphew - Transparent
Jellyfish - Spilt Milk
kahimi karie - larme de crocodile (2)
Kreidler - weekend
Ladybug Transistor - Beverly Atonale
Laila Amezian - Initial (2)
Leslies - Of Today For Today (2)
Love - Forever Changes
Magic City - Helium
Magnetic Fields - Get Lost
Magnetic Fields - Holiday
Mark eitzel - west
Metronome - Invisible Friends (2)
Milky Wimpshake - Bus Route to Your Heart
Mogwai - Young Team (3)
Momus -20 vodka jellies
Moose - live a little love a lot
Mouse on mars
Movietone  Day and Night
Mr. wright
Nord Express - Central (2)
Oasis - be here now
Of Montreal-Cherry Peel
Pavement - brighten the corners
Pelvs - "members to sunna"
Permafrost - In Harm's Way
Pop american style compilation on March
Portastatic - The Nature Of Sap
Primal Scream - Sonic Flower Groove
Primal Scream - Vanishing Point
Purple Ivy Shadows - No Less the Trees Than the Stars
Helen Love - Radio Hits 2
Ray wonder - good music
Red Sleeping Beauty - Soundtrack
Refrigerator - Refrigerator (2)
Rocketship - A Certian Smile, A Certian Sadness (2)
Ron Sexsmith - Other Songs (2)
Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha
Sci-Fi Lullabies - Suede (2)
Silver Scooter - The Other Palm Springs (2)
Sleater-kinney - dig me out
Sloan - One Chord to Another
Softies - Winter pageant
Souled American - Notes Campfire (2)
Spiritualized-ladies and .....
st etienne - continental
Starlet - from the one you left behind (3)
Stereolab - Dots & Loops (3)
Summer Hits "Beaches and Canyons"
Sundays "static and silence"
Super Rendezvous with Super
Superchnk - indoor living
syrup usa - all over the land (2)
Talulah Gosh "Backwash"
Teenage Fanclub - Songs From Northern Britain (2)
That dog - Retreat from the sun
The Would-Be-Goods - The Camera Loves Me
The Cardigans "Life"
The Cat's miaow - a kiss and a cuddle (2)
The Cat's Miaow - songs for girls to sing
the crabs - brainwashed
The Dead C - Tusk (2)
The Fall - Hip Priest & Kamarads
The Fall - Levitate
The Fawn, The Sea and Cake
The Grays-Ro Sham Bo
The Hang Ups - So We Go (3)
The Honeymoons - This Coherent Excitation
The Interpreters - Back in the USSA
The Kinks - Live at the Limbo Tavern
The lily's - better can't bet
The mountain goats - full force galesburg (2)
The orange peels - square (2)
The Pastels - Illumination (2)
The Ramones "Leave Home"
The Ramones "The Ramones"
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - four lp box set
The Ropers "All The Time"
The Saints "Eternally Yours"
The Sixths - wasps nest (2)
The Smiths - The Smiths
The Softies - winters pageant
The Summer Hits "Beaches and Canyons" (2)
The Superkids (2)
The verve - urban hymns (2)
The Wedding Present - "George Best"
Tirolean Tape - demonstrator
Tobin Sprout - Moonflower Plastic
Toulouse - The Way the City Stretches
Track Star - Communication Breaks
Trembling blue stars- her handwriting
Vanishing Point-Primal Scream
Urusei Yatsura - We Are Urusei Yatsura
Various - RO 3003" a Bungalow compiation
Various - Something Cool
Various - Whirl Wheels
Vinicius de moraes en la fusa
Weezer - Pinkerton

most promising new acts:

1. Shoestrings (10)
   Belle & Sebastian (10)
3. Aden (6)
   Ninotchka (6)
5. Juniper (5)
6. Bella Vista (4)
   Birdie (4)
   Gaze (4)
   Kumari (4)
   Starlet (4)
   Syrup USA (4)
   Watoo Watoo (4)

Acid house kings
Adventures in stereo
Alan Smithee (2)
Anorak girl
Arab Strap
Bernard Butler - Solo
Best Wishes (2)
Bien (2)
Brian jonestown massacre (2)
brincando de deus
Casiotone for the all alone
Castaway Stones
Celeste (2)
Ceramic Hobs
Cessna (2)
Cha Cha Cha
Ciao Bella (2)
Class (3)
Clock Strikes Thirteen
Club 8 (3)
Congratulations Fruit
Creeping Jenny
cuppa joe
Damien Jurado
Darling Little Jackhammer
Edwin Moses (2)
Electric Sound of Joy
Elf power
Eric Matthews
Famous Boyfriend
Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopper (3)
Geneva (2)
Girlboy girl
Girlfrendo (2)
Gritty Kitty
Guy Dhadwick
Helen Love
Hooker O.K
Hydroplane (2)
I Live the Life of a Moviestar Secret Hideout (2)
Jason Falkner
Jason Morphew
jay jay johanson
Kaia & Melissa
Ladybug Transistor (2)
Le Hammond Inferno
Leslies (3)
Lonnie James
Mad planets
Majestic 12
Masters of the Hemisphere (2)
Metronome (2)
Mogwai (6)
Murder City Devils (2)
My Favorite (2)
Natalie imbruglia
Of Montreal (3)
Papas fritas
Poconos (3)
Poundsign (3)
Puff daddy and the family
Push Kings (3)
Ribbon Candy (3)
Rocket or Chiritori (2)
Secret Stars
Silver Scooter (3)
Singletons (2)
Sonny SixKiller (Kara from Moped's new band)
Stereo Total
Strictly Ballroom
Super (2)
Takako Minekawa (2)
the aluminum group
The Autumn Leaves
The autumn teen sound
The Cat's Miaow
The Crooner
The Del Velum
The Freed Unit
The Gentle People
The Interpreters
The Lookers
The Moonlings (2)
The Mopeds
The Music Tapes
The Others
The Peter Parkers
The Ranters
the Sentence Trees
The Slaves
The Sour Notes
The Superkids
The Teacups
The Vees
The wee turtles
The Audience
Toulouse (2)
Trembling Blue Stars (2)
True love always
Velocette (3)
Velodrome 2000
Weeping Willows
Wussom Pow (2)

most amazing live experiences:

1. Belle & Sebastian (16)
2. Stereolab (13)
3. The Magnetic Fields (11)
4. Morrissey (10)
5. Yo La Tengo (9)
6. Popfest New York City (8)
7. #Poundsign# (7)
8. Holiday (6)
9. PopFest Chicago (5)
   Juniper (5)
   Olivia Tremor Control (5)
   Spiritualized (5)

Acid House Kings
Aden at herron school of art
Aden/Bella Vista/Castaway Stones-Black Cat
Aimee Mann
Apples in stereo (2)
Ashtray Boy (2)
Autocollants/Poundsign San Francisco/Bottom of the Hill
Beck at Glasgow SECC
Bella Vista
Ben Folds Five (2)
Ben Lee
Bis (3)
Bis Sleater Kinney Yo La Tengo  at la luna in portland (2)
Blue Mountain
Blur (2)
Built To Spill
Castaway Stones
Celeste - international pop underground stockholm (2)
cha cha cha
Chris knox
Comet Gain (2)
Danielson (2)
Del Amitri
Delphian Trance
Divine Comedy (4)
Dub Narcotic Sound System (2)
El Joven Bryan
Elevator To Hell
Gene (3)
Geneva - NME Brats
Half Man Half Biscuit - Glasgow
Harry Pussy
Harvey Williams/ The Divine Comedy
helium @ black cat, washington d.c.
High Llamas Toronto/Horseshoe Tavern
Ida (3)
Imperial Drag
J Church - Reading
Jen Wood
jonathan richman
Kante, Couch, Go Plus (Kitty Yo Showcase Popkomm, Koeln)
Kaia & Melissa
La Buena Vida (4)
Laila Amezian
Lee Perry at Jazzhaus, Freiburg Germany
Legendary Jim Ruiz Group
Liberator live at Malmöfestivalen, Sweden.
Louis Philippe (3)
Low/Ida/Mick Turner
Magic Lamp
Matthew Sweet
Milky Wimpshake - Sheffield
Mountain Goats
My Favorite (3)
Neurtal Milk Hotel (4)
Orange Peels (2)
Pastels (2)
Pavement (3)
Peter & Ameila Heavenly with Calvin, Olympia, March '97
Pizzicato Five Toronto/Lee's Palace
PopFest Northwest (3)
Prodigy - Forum London
Promise Ring - Tampa
Push Kings (3)
Radiohead/Teenage Fanclub
Reading 97 (suede)
Red House Painters
Red sleeping beauty
Retsin - Boston
Rex and Vic Firecracker at TT The Bear's, Cambridge MA
Ron Sexsmith at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
Sloan (3)
Softies (2)
Southern Culture On The Skids
Sparks - Astoria
Spent, Ladybug Transistor, Magnetic Fields, Superchunk show at CMJ
Spinanes/low  new york
Spring Heel Jack
Tanya Donelly at The Horseshoe, Toronto ON
The 5,6,7,8's
The aluminum group
40 watt in athens ga
The Autocollants
Boston popfest (3)
The Charlatans
The Crabs
The Del Velum
the Divine Comedy
The Fatal Flying Guillo-Teens
the flaming lips parking lot experience
The High Llamas
The Married Monk
The Mountain Goats
The Need
The Rachel's Band at the Brattle Theater, Cambridge MA
The Ropers
The Sea & Cake, Bowery Electric in NYC
The Shadow Ring
The Softies (3)
The softies/receptionists/musical chairs/toki doki wesleyan
The Summer Hits (3)
The sundays
The Superkids (2)
the tindersticks/elliott smith at the supper club on october 26, 1997
the verve-boston '97
the wedding present
they go boom!!
Three Peeps
Track Star
Velodrome 2000 - Glasgow
Weeping Willows (2)

most fancied indiepop personality:

1. Stephin Merritt (6)
2. Morrissey (4)
3. Graeme Superkid Kennedy (3)
   Pam Berry (3)

Aden Kummler (from Toulouse)
Alicia Poundsign
Amelia Fletcher (2)
Becky Poundsign (2)
both Stuarts from Belle & Sebastian
Brogan tinseltones!!
Chocolate Barry (2)
Clare Wadd (what a sweetie!)
Dennis Callaci
Dominique durand from ivy
Elton John
Fontaine Toups
Calvin Johnson
Golden Boy from Girlfrendo
Harvey Williams
Isabel of belle and sebastian
James tassos, roundabout records
Jason Falkner
Jason Noble
Jeff from Aden
Jen softie
Jen Wolfe
Jennifer Juniper (2)
Jenny Toomey
Jim Rao
Johan Angergard
Julian Henry (Hit Parade)
Julian kloster
kahimi karie (2)
Kalle Angenvoort (2)
Keith D'Arcy
Kristina borg (red sleeping beauty)
Laetitia sadier
Le grand matthew jacobson
Lois Maffeo (2)
Louis Philippe
Manda Rin (bis) (2)
Mark E. Smith
Mark robinson
Mary Hanson from Stereolab
Mary Timony, Helium
Matt Fishbeck
Mick mcmick
Neil Hannon (2)
Rex Thompson (The Summer Hits) (2)
Rick White
Rob from The Field Mice/ NPL/ TBS
Rose melberg
Ryan Stotz
Sara Marcus
Sean from Tullycraft
Sheggi from the Melons
Skippy march records
Stephen Pastel
Stuart David
That lead singer from Neutral Milk Hotel
The vocalist from The Sundays
Thom yorke (2)
Tore Johansson

best band not from the US or the UK:

1. La Buena Vida - Spain (6)
2. The Cat's Miaow - Australia (5)
3. Club 8 - Sweden(4)
   The Cardigans - Sweden (4)
5. Ashtray Boy - Australia (3)
   Cessna - Finland (3)
   Eggstone - Sweden (3)
   Le Mans - Spain (3)
   Sloan - Canada (3)

Acid House Kings - Sweden (2)
Atari Teenage Riot
Brincando de deus
Busch (2)
Girlfrendo (2)
Jay Jay Johanson
Johnny dee
Katerine (2)
Les Fleurs, France
leslies (2)
Mouse on Mars
Ninety-Nine (Australia)
Ray Wonder (2)
Ron Sexsmith
Sportsguitar (2)
Starlet (2)
Sugar Plant
Super (2)
The 5,6,7,8's
The Bartlebees
The Cannanes (2)
The Clean
The Clouds
The Dirty Three (Australia)
The Honeymoons
The Wannadies
Tiny Too

best EP or mini-LP:

1. Belle & Sebastian - 3..6..9 Seconds of light (9)
2. Belle & Sebastian - Dog On Whells (5)
   Belle & Sebastian - Lazy Line-Painter Jane (5)
4. The Ropers "The World is Fire" (4)
5. Arabesque (3)
   Watoo Watoo - Un Peu de Moi (3)
7. Lilys - Services (For the Soon to Be Departed) (2)

A Short Album About Love
Aberdeen "Byron" ep
Aerial M
Beanpole 12"
Bis us mini lp
broadcast-book lovers ep
Bunnygrunt/Tulllycraft 7" on KittyBoo
cardigans-your new cukoo
citrusthe Autocollants   Gas Money EP
Cinnamon - A northwest passage
creeper lagoon
Free Design - Christmas
Go Plus - La Montanara
Hazel - airiana
Heavenly vs. Satan
helium no guitars
help the aged by pulp
Hussalonia - Don Juan de Hussalonia
Jason Falkner-Miracle Medicine
le mansthe autocollants - casa ep
Low - Songs for a Dead Pilot
Make up
Minders - Paper Plane
Morrissey - Alma matters
MOUSE ON MARS Cache coeur naif
ninotchka - ive got wings
Nod - Hugh's Best Practice
of montreal - the bird who ate the rabbit's flower e.p.
Pavement - Shady Lane EP
Soft Blanket - The Death Of A Lonely Love cassette e.p.
Suede-Saturday Night double 7"
Sukpatch "Honky Tonk Operation" EP
Super Furry Animals  "The International Language of Screaming"
teen anthems - welsh bands suck
The Downer Trio- Joel RL Phelps
the gothic archies  the new despair
the rainbow
They Go Boom! Island Nation
Toulouse  The Way the City Stretches
Trembling Blue Stars - The Rainbow
Trendlenberg       Cinco de Mayo
Two Gentlemen, The Sea and Cake
Urusei Yatsura -  All Hail Urusei Yatsura
Velodrome 2000 - Charity Shopper EP
verve-drugs don't work

cool mailing list or newsgroup besides indiepop:

1. Sinister (Belle and Sebastian List) (9)
2. IPU List (4)
3. Sick and Tired (3)
   There′s no other cool besides... (3)

Bis Go Disco
Brass Eye
Chugchanga-l (2)
Drone On (2)
Elvis Costello Mailing List
firefly - mark eitzel mailing list (2)
Idiot's Delight (Vin Scelsa/WNEW)
Inland list
Jellyfish list
K catalog
Kris' Indiepages
Magical Armchair (ben Folds Five)
mbv mailing list
mod list
Panic (Morrissey/Smiths)
pavement mailing list
Scan indie list (2)
Scottish football
The Wedding Present
twee kitten
Tweekitten Cutie club chat
Zorn list

best thread on the indiepop list:

1. The Pop World vs. Ryan Stotz (13)
2. Romance related threads (10)
      You know when you have a crush on someone when...
      Indiepop sex secret sharing
      making indiepop tapes for crushes
      music to have sex to
      songs to break up to
      songs We Lost Our Virginity To

Anything Sarah Related
Anything that involves a fight
Belle & Sebstian
Hating the push kings
Hit Parade
I like the random funny ones...tasteless, but fun
Indie v/s major lables
Lady Di
Mentions of Sneaky Feelings
Pam Berry Pop Party
Rollerskating memories
White Town leaving the Majors
Skippy vs. Aadam
The prom thread or the book thread
They're all good, ha ha ha
Xmas songs (2)

a fine music fanzine:

1. Caught in flux (8)
2. Chickfactor (3)
3. Kickstand (3)
   Power Toot (3)
   Restaurant Fuel (3)
   The Big Takeover (3)

Back of a Car
basement idyll
beikoku ongaku
candy factory
cock magnets
cool beans
dream coif
Hello Sailor
les inrockuptibles
max r n r
mondo brutto
Oh Oh Cheri
Popscene (2)
popsy rock japan
Put That Teenager Down
Quiet Stars (2)
Silver Spaceboots
Snare Magazine
sound affects- a swedish mag
Square peg
The Saddest Library Yet
This Town is Falling Down
Yellow Pills
Zum (2)

this sucked in 1996:

1. The Indiepop List (9)
     indie snobbery on the indiepop list
     the way the indiepop-list has been taken over by bullies
     the mainstreaming (rockification) of the indiepop list
     the number of veteran listees who unsubscribed after being
     flamed one too many times by the new indie-rock stormtroopers
2. Oasis (7)
   Spice Girls (7)
4. Holiday breaking up (5)
   Ryan 'i was french in the morning' Stotz (5)

40,000,000 people starved to death
apples in sterio
assholes messing up the indiepop list
Belle & Sebastian dropping out of the top 30 and not doing TOTP
Belle & Sebastian not drowning in a pool of their own blood
belle and sebastian fever
Bis (2)
Brit Pop
Commercial Radio
cornershop (2)
corporative indiepop
Death of Diana
End of Harriet Records
Epic Soundtrack's death (2)
fake glasses, ugly sweaters and messenger bags
Fiona Apple's Whine-O-Rama
i missed the Descendants in Montreall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was a good year all around.
Juzo Itami's suicide
lady di
Mariah Carey
marshmallow coats!
my socalled sex life
New Cure single
not having enough money to buy all the music i wanted
nothing; it's all good
Only 1 release from Shinkansen
Spent broke up (2)
Spiritualized (2)
Stotz getting kicked off the list
Sweden misses World cup 98
The break up of The Ropers
the demise of go records in dc
the end of my store as I knew it (Mutiny)
the filler crap on the new wu-tang clan double-cd
the Push Kings and Tullycraft, take your pick
The Push Kings not coming to Seattle
the summer
The Washington State Cougars beating the University of Washington Huskies to win the Apple Cup and advance to the Rose Bowl
too many "good" records, not enough "great" ones
Werder Bremen playing shit! :-)
When Boyracer broke up.

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