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TweeNet Poll 2006 full results
131 TweeNet visitors or members of the indiepop list voted for their favourite Indiepop things in 2006:

Best Band:

1. Math and Physics Club (20)
2. Camera Obscura (19)
3. Belle And Sebastian (15)
4. Love is All (9)
   Pants Yell! (9)
   The Pipettes (9)
5. The Lucksmiths (8)
   The Radio Dept. (8)
6. Voxtrot (7)
7. Irene (6)
   Postal Blue (6)
8. The Besties (5)
   Casper and the Cookies (5)
   The Legends (5)
   Pipas (5)
9. Baby Calendar (4)
   The Blow (4)
   The Faintest Ideas (4)
   Mahogany (4)
   The Specific Heats (4)

10.Architecture in Helsinki (3)
   BMX Bandits (3)
   The Ballet (3)
   Cats on Fire (3)
   The Clientele (4)
   Fishboy (3)
   Hey Paulette (3)
   Jens Lekman (3)
   Keith John Adams (3)
   The Manhattan Love Suicides (3)
   The Poison Control Center (3)
   Sufjan Stevens (3)

one or two votes for:

Absentee (2)
Acid House Kings (2)
after-school sports
Air France
Allen Bishop
Aphid Ant Constructions
Apples in stereo
Asobi Seksu
Band In Box
Beach House
billy the vision & the dancers
Bobby Baby
Boyracer (2)
Bright Lights
Cause Co-Motion
Celestial (2)
Christopher Walla
Darren Hayman
Dorotea (2)
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah
East Village
El Perro Del Mar (2)
Eux Autres
Half-handed Cloud
Harper Lee
Hermane Dune
Hot Chip
How i became the bomb (2)
human television
Ice Cream Socialists
I'm From Barcelona
Islands (2)
James figurine
Javelins (2)
Kimya Dawson
La Buena Vida
Language of Flowers (2)
Laurel Music
Lily Allen
Long Blondes
Love Dance
Lucky Soul (2)
M Coast (2)
Magnetic Fields
Mike Downey
Mixtapes & Cellmates (2)
Modest Mouse
Monkey Swallows The Universe
Montgolfier Brothers
Montt Mardi
My Darling YOU!
Of Montreal
Patience Please
Peter Bjorn And John (2)
Ponies in the Surf
Red Pony Clock
Ring Snuten (2)
Rocket Punch
Rose Melberg
Russian Spy Camera
Ryan Anderson
Samara Lubelski
Sambassadeur (2)
Samuraj Cities
Someone still loves you boris yeltsin
Strip squad
Television Personalities (2)
Tender Trap (2)
The Boyfriends
The Bronstiens
The bubblegum complex
The Capstan Shafts
The Cardigans (2)
The Cassettes
The Charade (2)
The Decemberists (2)
The Electric Pop Group
The Embassy
The Essex Green
The Faint
The Finches
The Frank & Walters
The Grates
The Haircuts
The Hat Company
The Homeville Circle
The Icicles
The Lil' Hospital (2)
The Love Letter Band (2)
The Magic Numbers
The Mary Onettes
The Mescalitas
The Mountain Goats
The Pines
The privates
The Research (2)
The Scarlet Harlots
The Smittens (2)
The Snow Fairies (2)
The Sprites (2)
The steadies
The Studio
The Sunny Street
The Sweaters
The Tough Alliance
The tyde
The Willoz
Tiger Baby
Tilly and the Wall (2)
tokyo police club
Velcro Stars
Vincent Vincent And The Villains
White Town
Yo La Tengo
Your Heart Breaks

Best new band in 2006:

1. Baby Calender (8)
2. Cats on Fire (8)
   Manhattan Love Suicides (8)
3. Lucky Soul (7)
4. Math and Physics Club (6)
   Voxtrot (6)
5. Ideal Free Distrobution (5)
   The Electric Pop Group (5)
   Velcro Stars (5)
6. The Argonauts (4)
   The Ballet (4)
   The Besties (4)
   Cause Co-Motion (4)
   Celestial (4)
   The Faintest Ideas (4)
   Love Dance (4)
   Patience Please (4)   
7. A Smile and a Ribbon (3)
   Annemarie (3)
   Beirut (3)
   Boat Club (3)
   Days (3)
   How I Became the Bomb (3)
   Indian Style (3)
   Ivy League (3)
   My Darling You! (3)
   Ring Snuten! (3)
   The Hermit Crabs (3)
   The Sunny Street (3)
one or two votes for:

Afraid Of Stairs (2)
after-school sports
Air France
All My Friends
Anna Jrvinen
Antartica Takes It!
Apple Orchard
Architecture In Helsinki
Atlantic People
Au Revoir Simone (2)
Bad Animal
Band In Box
Beauty Sleep
Blossom Diary
Bobby Baby
Bobby McGees
Bound Stems
Bromheads Jacket
Brown Recluse Sings
bubblegum complex
Bubblegum Lemonade (2)
Butcher's Boy (2)
Cake on Cake
Cars Can Be Blue (2)
Christina Georgina
Cool Conductor
Dark Hand & Lamplight
Dustins Barmitzvah
El Perro del Mar (2)
Emmy The Great
Everybody Loves Irene
Everyday Sensations (2)
Family Unit
Favorite Sons
Fishboy (2)
Fleeting Joys
goodnight monster
Grapes of Grain
hey, we'll wear it!
Human television
Ice Cream Socialists
I'm From Barcelona
Irene (2)
Jack Penate
Javelins/Faintest Ideas
Javiera Mena
Katie Goes To Tokyo
Le Man avec le Lunettes
Lee Gorton
Let's be honeys
Little Name (2)
Locas In Love (2)
Long Blondes
los punsetes
lotus in love
Love is All (2)
M Coast
Margot and the Nuclear So & So's
Mary onettes
Maude Make and See (2)
Mixtapes & Cellmates
Monkey Swallows The Universe
Montt Mardi
Moscow Olympics
My Name in Lights
My Teenage Stride
New Grenada
nya Doroteabandet
Oh no! oh my! (2)
Panda Riot
Pants Yell!
Parson Redheads
Poison Control Center
Polar Bear Parade
Rocket Punch (2)
Russian Spy Camera (2)
Sam & Me
Santa Dog
Signed Papercuts
soda fountain rag
Sour Day
stars of aviation
Still Flyin'
Strange Idols (2)
Strawberry Whiplash
strip squad
Super Famicom
Tales of Jenny (2)
Tascam Tapes
Tesco Chainstore Mascara
The April Skies
The bent pen project
The Bicycles
The Bishops
The Boy Least Likely To
The Bronstiens
The Carrots (2)
The Catalysts
The Charade
The Hat Company (2)
The Homeville Circle
The Indelicates
The Language of Flowers
The Left Outsides
The Legends
The Mannerists
The Mantles
The Mary Onettes
The Motifs (2)
The Narrow Escapes
The Occasional Flickers
The Paper Orchestra
The Pipettes (2)
The Positions
The Postmarks (2)
The Specific Heats (2)
Rhe spleens
the steadies
Rhe Tidy Ups
The Twang
Rhe tyde
The Velcro Stars
Those Transatlantics
vet ej
Whispertown 2000
Winterkids (2)
Yellow Fever (2)

Best band not from the UK or US:

1. Elekibass (5)
   Love Is All (5)
2. Irene (4)
   Postal Blue (4)
   The Faintest Ideas (4)
   The Legends (4)
   The Radio Dept. (4)
3. Acid House Kings (3)
   Annemarie (3)
   The Lucksmiths (3)
   Cats on Fire (3)
   Moscow Olympics (3)
one or two votes for:

After-school sports
Architecture in helsinki
Audrey (2)
Boat Club
Club 8
El perro del mar
Frog Eyes
I'm From Barcelona (2)
Javiera Mena (Chile)
Jens Lekman (2)
Laurel Music
Locas in Love (2)
Luisa mandou um beijo
Maher Shalal Hash Baaz (JAP)
Montt Mardie
My Darling YOU!
New Pornagraphers (2)
Paper Moon (Canada)
parade (spain)
Poison Control Center
Ring Snuten (2)
Shapes & Sizes
Sondre Lerche
Suburban kids with biblical names
The Be Good Tanyas
The Brunettes
The budgies
The Charade
The Concretes
The Dears
The Embassy
The Hidden Cameras
The Knife
The Mary Onettes (2)
The stills- Canada
The Studio
Timo Risnen

best pop songs:

1. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken (13)
2. Belle And Sebastian - Another Sunny Day (10)
3. Belle and Sebastian - Funny Little Frog (8)
4. The Blow - Parentheses (6)
5. I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona (5)
   Math and Physics Club - Darling, Pease Come Home (5)
   Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks (5)
6. Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country (4)
   Lucky Soul - Lips Are Unhappy (4)
   The Pipettes - Pull Shapes (4)
7. Casper and the Cookies - Sid From Central Park (3)
   Cats on fire - Higher Grounds (3)
   The Faintest ideas - Everything is black (3)
   Harper Lee - He Holds A Flame (3)
   Irene - Stardust (3)
   Love Is All - Busy Doing Nothing (3)
   Postal Blue - The World Doesn't Need You (3)
   Postal Blue - Vou Deixar Pra Depois (3)
   Rocket Punch - Michael, dont go to private school (3)
   Sambassadeur - Kate (3)
one or two votes for:

Absentee - We Should Never Have Children
Absentee - Weasel
Acid house kings - Keep your love
Afraid of Stairs - They Aimed Bad
After-school sports - ebay love special edition
Allen Bishop - Click Click Click Click
Amida - Class of 2000
Andreas Mattsson - Down on the Corner
Andreas Mattsson - Summer Of Speed
Anna Jrvinen - Gtgatan
Annemarie - Apple (Suicide on Your Stereo Set)
Aphid Ant Constructions - Oh Dear
Apple Orchard - A Hiding Smile
Architecture In Helsinki - The Owls Go
Baby Calendar - Lunchbox
Baby Calendar - Within Cell Walls
Ballet - Personal
Beirut - Postcards From Italy
Belaire - RIP
Belle and Sebastian - Is It Wicked Not to Care
Belle and Sebastian - My Wondering Days are Over
Belle and Sebastian - The Blues are Still Blue (2)
Belle and Sebastian - White Collar Boy
Betelmire - Sleep Type Summer
BOAT - last cans of paint
Bobby Baby - Later
Boyracer - Toilets of northern europe
Bright Eyes - Soon You will Leave your Man
Brighter - Wallflower (2)
Bubblegum complex - amy slater
Bubblegum Lemonade - Tyler
Camera Obscura - Come Back Margaret
Camera Obscura - If Looks Could Kill (2)
Camera Obscura - Tears for Affairs
Cannonball Jane - Hey! Hey! Alright!
Cars Can Be Blue - Do You Remember?
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Holly Hobby
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Scattered Pearls
Casper & the Cookies - Kiss a Friend
Cats on Fire - Never Land Here (2)
Cause Co-Motion - Which way is up?
Celestial - Fragile Heart
Celestial - Nothing Happens; Twice
Celestial - Saving Up her Wishes (For Christmas)
Cloudsasha - Cloudsasha theme
Colour Contest - Me and Your Melanie
Darren Hanlon - Happiness is a Chemical
Days - Simple Thing
Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body
Dorotea - Pack some heat
El Perro Del Mar - God knows (you gotta give to get)
Elenette - Att gra en hit
Eux Autres - Other Girls
Fanfarlo - Elephant graveyard
Fishboy - Tree Star
Gnarles Barkly - Crazy
GoodBooks - Paschendale
Hairless youth of bosnia - Strip squad
Half-handed Cloud - You've Been Faithful to us Clouds
Happy Happy - Lovekevins
Harry and the Potters - Hermoine's Birds and Bees
Hey Paulette - I Will Line the Streets
Hey Paulette - My side of the pillow
Hidden Cameras - Awoo
How I Became the Bomb - Let's Go
how i became the bomb - secret identity
I'm from Barcelona - This Boy
Irene - Baby I love your way
Islands - Rough Gem
Jack Penate - Got My Favourite
Javelins - Nastacular
Keith John Adams - Inconsequential Thought
Kimya Dawson - Loose Lips
Lily Allen - LDN
Love Dance - It sometimes brings me down
Love is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up (2)
Love Letter Band - Fear Not My Brothers, Fear Not My Sisters...
lovejoy - made in england
Lucky Soul - Ain't Never Been Cool
Lullatone - Bedroom Bossa Band
M Coast - Sailing Around the World
Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies
Mahogany - My Bed Is My Castle
Mahogany - Neo-Plastic Boogie-Woogie (2)
Mahogany - One plus one equals three or more
Manchester by the Sea - Lavender
Manhattan Love Suicides - Skulls
Manhattan Love Suicides - Suzy Jones
Math and Physics Club - Movie ending romance
Math and Physics Club - April Showers (2)
Math and Physics Club - Cold as Minnesota (2)
Math and Physics Club - I Know What I Want
Math and Physics Club - La La Lisa (2)
Midlake - Young Bride
Mike Downey - Flame Out Flyboy
Modest Mouse - Satin in a Coffin
Mojave 3 - pieces like you
Montgolphier Brothers - Journey's end
My Darling YOU! - Everything, Allright!?!
My Darling YOU! - Taxi Driver
My Name in Lights - I Left My Scarf in Llubjana
Nedelle - Your Fiance
oh no oh my - walk in the park
Page France - Chariot
Pants Yell! - Kids are the same (2)
Pants Yell! - More Purple
Parson Red Heads - Punctual as Usual
Pas/Cal - C.A.U.
Patience Please - Little Mouthfuls
Pelle Carlberg - Clever Girls
Peter Bjorn And John - Let's Call The Thing Off
Peter, Bjorn, & John - Amsterdam
Pipas - Basements
Pipas - boxes
Pipas - Windswept Room
pipas - yrrkdbk
Ponies in The Surf - Joe
Pony Up - Possible Harm
Pony Up - The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die)
Portastatic - Sour Shores
Postal Blue - I Took The Love You Were Hiding
Radio Dept. - A Window
Radio Dept. - Pet Grief
Radio Dept. - Worst Taste in Music
Red Pony Clock - Hayward Gurlzzz
Ring Snuten - En Kille & Tjej
Ring snuten! - Dumsnll sl
Rose Melberg - Four Walls
Russian Spy Camera - Blueprint
Russian Spy Camera - Svengali What's The Caper
Sambassadeur - Marie (2)
Sambassadeur - Marie
Samuraj Cities - All along the shoreline
Seiko and Salome - The Captain and Tenille Will Save Us
Shack - Finn, Sophie, Bobbie and Lance
Signed Papercuts - Things We Have In Common
Single - Tu perrito librepensador
Smoosh - Free to Stay
soda fountain rag - don't kill all the clowns
Sprites - george romero
Sprites - Shirley Beans
Starflower - Dance Till The Morning Light
Still Flyin' - Rope Burn
sufjan stevens - adlai stevenson
Television Personalities - I hope he's everything you wanted me to be
Television Personalities - She Can Stop Traffic
Tender Trap - Applecore
The Aislers Set - What Fades First (Demo)
The Argonauts - Two Sides
The Ballet - In My Head
The Beatles - octopus' garden
The Besties - Prison Song
The Besties - Rod and Reel (2)
The Besties - Siren Song
The Besties - Working Title
The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me
The Bronstiens - Umbrella
The Capstan Shafts - St John
The Cardigans - Godspell
The Charade - Dressed in Yellow and Blue
The Charade - My Song To You
The Decemberists - Mariners Revenge
The Decemberists - The Engine Driver
the divine comedy - arthur c. clarke's mysterious world
The Electric Pop Group - Popgirly (2)
The Essex Green - Don't Know Why You Stay
The faintest ideas - All stars
The Frank & Walters - Fight
The Hat Company - Love Letter
The Hat Company - Tide
The How - Happy Matt
The Indelicates - We Hate The Kids (2)
The Language Of Flowers - If Its Not You
The Legends - Darling
The Legends - Lucky Star
the lil hospital - lost the light
The Loveninjas - I Wanna Be Like Johny
The Lucksmiths - A Hiccup In Your Happiness (2)
The Lucksmiths - Cat in Sunshine
The Magic Numbers - Take a Chance
The Magic Whispers - Sally and John
The manhattan love suicides - Skulls
the Manhattan Love Suicides - Suzy Jones
The Mary Onettes - Lost
The Motifs - Diagonal
The Pipettes - Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling)
The Pipettes - Guess Who Ran Away With The Milkman
The Pipettes - It Hurts to See You Dance So Well
The Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
Pippettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
The Radio Dept. - The worst taste in music
The Radio Dept. - What will give
The Radio Dept. - What You Sell
The Smell of an Artist - Cats on Fire
The Smittens - Sapphire
The Snow Fairies - The Stone Pony
the Specific Heats - Are You for Real, Meghan O'Neill
the specific heats - brain song
The Specific Heats - Carl Sagan
The Specific Heats - Other boys
the steadies - happier for knowing her
The Studio - No Comply
The Sunny Street - Cyclists
The Tacticians - Londons Alright
The Tough Alliance - 25 Years And Runnin'
The Twang - Either Way
Tilly & the Wall - Rainbows in the Dark
Tilly and The Wall - Fell Down The Stairs
Tullycraft - stowaway
Velcro Stars - B Side of Love
velcro stars - cascade
Voxtrot - four long days
Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Wives (2)
Voxtrot - Start of Something
White Town - A New Surprise
William Blake - Harper Lee
Yo La Tengo - Bean Bag Chair (2)
Your Heart Breaks - Southern Girl
best albums:

1. Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this Country (24)
2. Math And Physics Club - Math And Physics Club (22)
3. Belle And Sebastian - The Life Pursuit (17)
4. The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes (12)
5. Pants Yell! - Recent Drama (10)
6. Love Is All - Nine Times That Same Song (8)
7. Irene - Apple Bay (7)
   The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief (7)
   Pipas - Sorry Love (7)
8. Casper and the Cookies - Optimists Club (5)
   Mahogany - Connectivity (5)
   The Manhattan Love Suicides - The Manhattan Love Suicides (5)
   Rose Melberg - Cast Away The Clouds (5)
   The Specific Heats - Aboard A Spaceship Of The Imagination (5)
   The Television Personalities - My Dark Places (5)
   The Besties - Singer (5)
9. Hey Paulette - Long Ball Into Nowhere (4)
   Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad Of The Broken Seas (4)
   Sprites - Modern Gameplay (4)
   The Legends - Facts and Figures (4)
   The Blow - Paper Television (4)
   The Faintest Ideas - What goes up must calm down (4)
   The Snow Fairies - Voila! (4)
   Yo La Tengo - I'am not Afraid of You and I will Beat your Ass (4)
10.La Buena Vida - Vidania (3)
   Dorotea - Den andra goda skivan (3)
   Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's Block (3)
   The Ballet - Mattachine! (3)
   The Research - Breacking up (3)
one or two votes for:

Andreas Mattsson - The Lawlessness of the Ruling Class
Ant - footprints through the snow
Archetecture In Helsinki - In Case We Die 
Asobi Seksu - Citrus
Avocadoclub - Everybody's Wrong
Baby Calendar - Gingerbread Dog
Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The UK
Beach House - s/t
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
Boat - Songs That YOu Might Not Like
Boyracer - A Punch Up the Bracket
Boyracer - Punkier than you
brasilia - a life desired
Brighter - Out To Sea (2)
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Etiquette (2)
Christine Fellows - Paper Anniversary
Daniel G. Harmann - The Books We Read Will Bury Us
Darren Hayman - Table for One
Dear Nora - There is No Home
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - Get Your Mood On
Edwin Moses - The Gospel African Years
El Perro Del Mar - El Perro Del Mar
Eux Autres - Hell Is
Fishboy - Little D
Freeheat - Back On The Water
Half-handed Cloud - Halos & Lassos
heavy blinkers - the night & i are still so young (us release)
Hidden Cameras - Awoo (2)
Hot Chip - The Warning
How I Became the Bomb - Let's Go
human television - look at who you're talking to
Ice Cream Socialists - Belles & Missiles
I'm From Barcelona - Let Me Introduce My Friends (2)
Islands - Return to the Sea (2)
Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis
Javelins - Terrific times and unrehearsed crimes
Javiera Mena - Esquemas Juveniles
Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat
Joanna Newsom - Ys
Josh Rouse - Subtitulo
Juana Molina - Son
Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye (2)
Katie Goes to Tokyo - Katie Goes to Tokyo
Keith John Adams - Pip
Kimya Dawson - Remember That I Love You
Landlocked! - The Gazetteers
lemonheads - lemonheads
Lily Allen - All right, Still
Long Blondes - Someone to drive you home
Love Letter Band - Fear Not My Brothers, Fear Not My Sisters...
Lullatone - Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous
M Coast - Say it in Slang
MADLIB - the beat konducta vol. 1-2 - movie scenes
Magoo - Popsongs
Merz - Loveheart
Mirafiori - No podemos volver a casa
Mixtapes & Cellmates - If There Is Silence, Fill It With Longing (2)
Mojave 3 - Puzzles Like You (2)
Montgolfier Brothers - All my bad thoughts
Montt Mardi - Drama
My Darling YOU! - 16 major problems
Oppenheimer - Oppenheimer
Parade - Todas las estrellas
Patience Please - Parallel Plots
Pavement - Wowie Zowie Reissue (2)
Ponies on Fire - Ponies in the Surf
Pony Up - Make Love To The Judges
Portastatic - Be Still Please
Postal Blue - Morning Breeze
Privates - Barricades
Pure Saturday - Elora
Red Pony Clock - Tunes from Terrace Towers
Russian Spy Camera - You Are A Vulture
Scottish Polis Inspectors - Gina McKee
Shack - On The Corner Of Miles And Gil (2)
Shonen Knife - 712
Single - Pio Pio
Smoosh - Free to Stay
Sodastream - Reservations
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped
Tender Forever - The Soft and the Hard Core
Tender Trap - 6 Billion People (2)
The Beatles - Love
The Capstan Shafts - Eurika Prudhon
The Charade - A Real Life Drama (2)
The Charade - A Real Life Drama
The Concretes - In Colour
The Decemberists - The Crane Wife (2)
The Electric Pop Group - The Electric Pop Group
The Embassy - Tacking
The Essex Green - Cannibal Sea
The Faint - Danse Macabre
The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea
The Frank & Walters - A Renewed Interest In Happiness
The Grates - Gravity Won't Get You High
The Hit Parade - The Return of the Hit Parade
the lil hospital - heavy metal
The Love Letter Band - Fear Not My Brothers Fear Not My Sisters  For I have Seen The Future
The Magic Numbers - Those The Brokes
The Maybellines - A la carte (2)
The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely
The Positions - Bliss!
The Reverse - The Longest Day of the Year
The Stills - without feathers
Those Transatlantics - Knocked Out
Tilly and the Wall - Bottoms of Barrels
Tv-Resistori - Serkut rakastaa paremmin
Various Artists - Kids at the club (2)
Various Artists - CD86
Various Artists - One Two Twee
Velcro Stars - Hiroshima's Revenge
Voxtrot - Your Biggest Fan
White Town - Don't Mention The War
Your Heart Breaks - New Ocean Waves

most amazing live experiences:

1. Belle And Sebastian (15)
2. Camera Obscura (10)
3. Athens Popfest (9)
4. The Lucksmiths (8)
5. Acid House Kings / The Legends (7)
   Love is All (7)
6. The Pipettes (6)
   POPFEST! New England (6)
7. Language of Flowers (5)
8. The Clientele (4)
   Jens Lekman (4)
   The Poison Control Center (4)
9. Dorotea (3)
   Isobel Campbell (3)
   The Faintest Ideas (3)
   Morrissey (3)
   Sufjan Stevens (3)
   The Ivy League (3)
one or two votes for:

Adam Green
Agent Simple
amy linton + the ladybug transistor
Architecture in Helsinki (2)
Asleep in the Sea
Au Revoir Simone
Baby Calendar
Bare Knees
Bare Knees in Gothenburg
BMX Bandits (2)
BOAT at the Doug Fir in portland
Bright Lights (3)
C86 20th Anniversary Gigs at the ICA
Calvin Johnson, D+, Mt. Eerie, Karl Blau @ Copycat Building 10/21/06
Casper & The Cookies (2)
Cats on fire
Chris T-T (2)
Circulatory System
Danielson Family @ the 40 Watt Club
Dark Hand & Lamplight
Darren Hayman - Water Rats
Dirty Projectors
Don Lennon
Echo & The Bunnymen In Athens
El Perro Del Mar (2)
Emmy The Great
Essex Green
Everyday sensations @ Club king kong/Sjhsten (Sweden)
Favorite Sons
Fete de la Musiqua in Bandung (Indonesia)
Fiery Furnaces at ATP
Fishboy (2)
Flaming Lips/ Sonic Youth
Flowers From the Man Who Shot Your Cousin
Frank Sidebottom - Bull and Gate
Fred Thomas at the Toledo Popfest
Go-Kart Mozart (2)
HHBTM Birthday Party at the Ultra Odd
Hidden Cameras (2)
How I became the bomb
Ice Cream Socialists
Indian Jewelry
indiepopalooza (maybellines, lil hospital, specific heats, besties)
Jeffrey Lewis at Brixton Windmill
Jenny Lewis (2)
Jim Reid @ Islington Bar Academy
Jos Gonzlez
Junior Boys at Pustervik
Juvelen at Uppt Framt
Kings Of Convenience
Lavender Diamond
Lee Gorton - Night & Day, Manchester
Left Oursides
Les Georges Leningrad
Loney, Dear @ Sdra Teatern, Stockholm
Los Hermanos
Lotus in Love, The Smittens, the Besties in Northampton
Love Letter Band at Athens Popfest
Lucky Soul
Man Man
Mark Monnone @ Small Music Theatre, Athens, Greece
Math and Physics Club show in Olympia, WA
matt & kim  @ hampshire college
matt pond pa
Maybelines and Baby Calender at the Athen Popfest
Midwest Popfest
Mocca in Bandung (Indonesia)
Mojave 3
Moscow Olympics (2)
Murfreesboro POP Explosion (2)
New Order (2)
Page France (2)
Pants Yell! (2)
Paper Moon at the Main
Parson Redheads with Darci Cash and Stevenson Ranch Davidians
Pet Shop Boys
Red Pony Clock (2)
Ring Snuten @ Underjorden, Gothenburg
Russian Spy Camera @ Athens Popfest
Saint Etienne
Samuraj Cities @ Fritz's Corner/Debaser, December 9 (Sweden)
Snow fairies
Sodastream (2)
Sonic Youth and Yeah Yeah Yeahs at McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn, August 2006
Stuart A. Staples in Toronto
Suburban kids with biblical names
Sultans of Ping -- Cork, Ireland -- 29-Dec
Television Personalities at Brixton Windmill
The Argonauts
The Ballet w/ Pipas in Brooklyn
The bent pen project @ Club king kong/Sjhsten (Sweden)
The Besties CD Release w/The Specific Heats
The Bishops
The Blow
The Blow with Apples in Stereo @ CMJ, Irving Plaza, New York, NY
The Bobby McGees
The Books
The Boyfriends
The Bright Lights @ Underjorden, Gothenburg
The Butterfly Explosion
The Fall at Studio B, Brooklyn, November 2006
The Frank & Walters -- Cork, Ireland -- 29-Dec
The Germs
The Go! Team @ Starlight Ballroom (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
The Grates
The Hidden Cameras live in Gothenburg
The Honeydrips @ Underjorden, Gothenburg
The Icicles w/ Math and Physics Clubs @ Pianos NYC
The Maybellines, The Besties,  Lil' Hospital, The Specific Heats, The Up Set @ WMUC 08/05/06
the Music Lovers
The New Pornographers
The Occasional Flickers @ Small Music Theatre, Athens, Greece
The Research
The Rough Bunnies
The Smittens
The Specific Heats, (2)
the stills- exit-in
The Sugarcubes
The Thermals
The Tough Alliance at Sticky Fingers
The Walkmen @ Johnny Brenda's (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
The Wolfhounds
Tilly & The Wall (3)
Toledo Popfest (2)
Tullycraft at SXSW (2)
velcro stars/how i became the bomb-athens pop fest
Voxtrot @ Sneeky Dees
Yann Tiersen in Athens
Yo la Tengo (2)
Your Heart Breaks

best record labels:

1. Labrador (17)
2. Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (15)
3. Matinee Recordings (14)
4. Asaurus Records (5)
   Magic Marker Records (5)
   Merge Records (5)
   Music is my girlfriend (5)
5. Humblebee Recordings (3)
   What's Your Rupture (3)
one or two votes for:

Atomic Kitty
Candle Records (2)
Cherry Red
Cherry Red/Rev-Ola
Elefant (2)
Firestation Records (2)
Fraction Discs (2)
Fruit Records
Honest Jon's
How Does It Feel
I Wish I Was Unpopular
K (2)
Little Pocket Records
Make Mine Music
Pop Monster Records!
Rough Trade
Sanitary Records
Sarah (sigh)
Sincerely yours
Skipping stones
Songs i wish i had written
Sour Mash
Total Gaylord Records (2)
Yellow Mica Recordings
best indie-pop web sites:

1. (25)
2. (12)
3. (6) (6)
4. (4)
5. (3)

one or two votes for: (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2)
best paper fanzine or magazine:

1. Plan B (6)
2. Dagger (5)
3. Biff Bang Pop (3)
   Venus (3)
one or two votes for:

Baka Poi
Bee's Knees zine
Chickfactor (2)
Magnet (2)
Now You're Just Being Ridiculous
schizofrenia (from brazil)
Shut Up and Shush
Slow Graffiti
the bees knees
The big takeover (2)
The C86 Fanzine made to go with the ICA shows
The new yorker
This Is Music
try happiness
vanity project

Cool mailing list, newsgroup or Blog about indiepop:

1. Indiepop-list (16)
2. (12)
3. Dance To The Sun (4) (4)
   The Rain Fell Down (4)
4. Skatterbrain (3)
   Think Small (3)
   You Aint No Picasso (3)
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   axis of tweevil
   Blog: The Rain fell down
   cable and tweed
   Indie Pages
   Little Hits
   Pop 'n Cherries!!!
   Tiny Mix Tapes
   twee kitten
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   Asaurus (2)
   Happy Happy Birthday To Me
   In Sound
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   Rough Trade
   Valiant Death

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