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The Indiepop List's Stars Forever

Momus, legendary pervert & musician, wrote a song about Wendy Carlos, and then Wendy decided to sue cause shes a bitch (its true!). So, Le Grand Magistery, a terrific indie label run by the beautiful Matthew Jacobson, was going to lose all his money and his business if they dont get money, and we didnt want that to happen. So Momus put together CD called "Stars Forever" and he wrote songs about people (a musical "portrait" as he likes to call it) and put it on the cd for $1000. Most of us couldnt afford $1000, so Michelle Cross suggested half jokingly to have the members of the indiepop list chip in for a song. I thought that was a brilliant idea and I offered to collect the money and work out the details. We now hold song #28 on the cd. Here are the lyrics:

Indiepop List

Queens, goons, pigeons and baboons
I met them on the indiepop list
Folks that make me dance a tap
I'm so happy you exist

Maura Smale found the holy grail
Maura was the first to post
Stephen Cramer in a hotel room in Georgia
Wrestled Matthew Jacobson and lost

Luke Owens, happy lazy bones
Says 'Give my Small World a plug'
Layna Ayre came from alt dot angst
Where she met her husband Doug

Mike Appelstein met his bride to be
Callie on the indiepop list
Jonathan Takagi likes his movies arty
If Chris Marker points the camera he'll assist

Johannes Schneider loves Nora and New Order
Grows apricots in Weisbaden across the German border
Nora, 19, adores Belle and Sebastian
And 'Tapestry' by Carole King mainly for the cover

Jim Thaxton honks the rusty claxon
On his trusty Beetle Foxy Brown
Rob Enbom, once a heavy metal fan
Runs Dial-A-Pirate Records when Holly's not around

Craig Chin is interested in
Art and revolution nerd style
Steven McGowan sells gay porn
But he's a pussycat deep down

The indiepop list, the indiepop list
So glad that you exist on the indiepop list
The indiepop list, the indiepop list
Check that you exist on the indiepop list

Jasmine J. Jopling and Eliot Van Buskirk
Lie drinking Irish coffee in bed
Lettuce prey that every boring holiday
We celebrate Crabonanza instead

Xavier Kim of The Clock Strikes Thirteen
Shameless self-promotion is his task
Laura Waitling stands patiently waiting
'What's your favourite colour?' 's all she asks

Susannah Grossman, currently heartbroken
Finishes her homework with a sigh
Jaime Schmid took the long route
To school so she'd see Charley and say 'Hi'

Dan Zmud makes symphonies of mud
When he takes the mushrooms he's Prometheus the god
Katie Vincent, the bendiest girl in school
Has a lifelong fear of robots but thinks that Dan is cool

Marian Chen loves perverted British men
Cunning linguists and Louis Philippe
Victor Raul thinks Seisure are cool
Sings along to Beatles songs in faraway Peru

The indiepop list, the indiepop list
Check you exist on the indiepop list
The indiepop list, the indiepop list
So glad that you exist on the indiepop list

Adam Donnelly, girly tall and skinny
Is one of the most interesting people he knows
Alyssa Ference needs her independence
But Adam loves her anywhere she goes

Paul Fitzgerald gives trophies and medals
To cokeheads, but don't ask me why
Lisa Brandt would like to go to Pluto
Where Sarah Records bands go when they die

Keith Sawyer to satisfy your lawyer
I'll say your college radio show is great
Andy Coles didn't want to spoil
The relationship of consumer to artist and so he never wrote

Chris Flores loves the smell of forests
Blue skies filled with bulbous airy clouds
Anne Zender, slacker, troublemaker
Is tall enough to see in any crowd

Andrew Leavitt, Fairways is his band
He lives in San Fransisco with an anthropologist
Ryan Williams, a big Whit Stillman fan
Makes his films on super 8 cos he's expressionist

Ned Norland, his one man band
On Revival's called America, Dear
Seo Hui Han, makes the Carryout zine
And studies great white frenchmen who were clinically insane

Patrick Rogers and his three large rescue dogs
Make obsessive compulsive etchings with a twist
Guy Leavitt has an esoteric secret
He thinks that I'm a numerologist (1,2,3,4)

Little Shirley Beans she's only 16
She put this song together in Brooklyn
Aaron Mandel he loves to read about the scandal
Of the artist formerly known as Nixon

Jenny's favourite doll is a poofy purple cat
And even though she hates it, she hugs it when she's sad
Alexis Lopez would like to get head
On the moon till he explodes from Maurice Sendak

Queens, goons, pigeons and baboons
I met them on the indiepop list
Folks that make me tip my hat
I'm so happy you exist

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