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Baltic Pop Lecture Tour
  Alexander Bailey went on a trip to Northern Europe in March-May 1998, here are a some photos he brought back:
Surfing in Umeå, with Erik Domellöf, Seashells guitarist. There's still a lot of snow in Umeå in April.
Malmö. Yes, Alexander himself and Henrik Engström. "Super" Salmiakki salt licorice conversation piece on the table.
Tampere. Sami Rouhento and Kimmo Sääskilahti of Cessna speculate on the future of their favorite mailing list.
Tomi & Sami - Cessna in the studio, laying down tracks for "Television's On".
Tomi Takala graces Tampere Cental Station with his smile and his amazing dimples.
Ingmar's woods, Solna. Marcus Törncrantz (Grimsby Fishmarket) and Alexander pose where Bergman filmed the chase scene in The Seventh Seal. Just outside the Bob Hund studio and Marcus' office.
Jiri Novak (Cinnamon) and Stefan Zachrisson (Benno e-zine) take to the streets of Stockholm.
Erik helps Robert and Helena of North of No South finish their beers.
Helsinki. Minna Joenniemi (Super) says, "make the old man's hand look like it's resting on my head," but when the shutter snaps, her feet leave the ground.
According to the thermometer in the window, it's -1 C in Stockholm. Frida and Jiri of Cinnamon know how to cope.
Oliver of Marsh Marigold Records & Jörg of Mind The Gap mail-order in Hamburg.
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