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Sarah 100
the sarah party was great,the kids from accross the world turned up in force,the boat was rocking, i think there was so much talking going on that loads of people just missed the bands. bluboy played first, but doing an accoustic set,then it was secret shine who played a blinder of a set, then the reformed brighter, boyracer were next and they were soooooooo good, load feedbacky,they ruled,harvey williams next,can't comment, didn't want to watch, but there were some loud clappings going on,the orchids next and raising the biggest

cheers,blueboy came back for a proper set then it ended with heavenly, playing a hits set,ending with their first sarah single, the last song of the night was from amelia heavenly on her own, don't know what it was, but it was fitting. matt and claire didn't want to get up on stage and say anything, but hey, they've done exactly what they wanted to do.other people on the list can review each band, i just wanted this to go on as it seems no one else who was there has managed to get home

yet,or they are all visiting friends.I had a good time, just talking to people who i hadn't seen for ages,especially the 2 swedish kids who i hadnt seen for 2 years,last time in swedon in a field with pavement and huggy bear.

by Stuart Mason for the indiepop mailing-list August, 31st 1995
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