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Sarah 100 Party by Matt

Looks like Craig(Pastels shirt) and I had a similar experience in Bristol - I didn't meet anyone but had a lovely time just wandering around, exploring, seeing the suspension bridge with my girlfriend - we did run into some other french popkids in a record shop (they were buying every Sarah record in the place), and I suspect some of the kids on the grass by the bridge may have been popsters, but on the whole I guess I missed the scene...didn't arrive til the afternoon anyway. One big surprise was seeing a friend from California - I didn't even know he liked Sarah, let alone that he would fly all the way out for the party - I think he was second only to Alfred(?) from singapore in terms of distance traveled...I couldn't believe it. The show was fantastic, the street signs were dreamy, Clare and Matt were great; still can't believe it's over. My only disapointment is that Bristol is actually made up of a great deal more colours than I had expected - guess I should have brought my rose tinted glasses.


Matthew Hansen for the indiepop mailing-list - September 8th, 1995
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