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Sarah 100 Party by Craig

Anyway, it's good to hear the stories of the Sarah 100 party. I got there in the end (camping on the Sunday in Weston-Super-Mare, very windy and rainy, and found out that we'd forgotten the tent pegs ! Anyway, a quick visit to a DIY shop and we had to use barbecue skewers as tent pegs...enough of that anyway...), but didn't manage to meet any of the list members. I didn't get to the tour and then was too shy once on the boat to go around saying.. 'Are you on the indiepop list then ?' !!

Anyway, I was the guy with the glasses, longish curly hair and a blue Pastels t-shirt on (I didn't see any other Pastels t-shirts that night). Bought a copy of the Secret Shine flexi but didn't manage to get a copy of the Farewell Kiss fanzine, so are there any still for sale ??

I had a brilliant time anyway, and never knew Bristol was such a lovely place, I'll definitely be going back again when I've got more time !


Craig for the indiepop mailing-list - September 6th, 1995
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