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Sarah Records' final advert in the music press

a day for destroying things...

because when you were nineteen
didn't YOU ever want to create something beautiful and pure
just so one day you could set it on fire
and then watch the city light up as it burned?
Didn't you want to do that every day of your life?
Nothing should be forever.
Bands should do one single and then split up,
fanzines finish after one flawless issue,
lovers leave in the rain at 5am and never be seen again -

Habit and fear of change are the worst reasons for doing ANYTHING
Stopping a label after 100 perfect releases
is the most gorgeous pop art-statement ever
and says more about pop-music than any two-part digipak
limited edition coloured vinyl 7"
grimly authentic lo-fi ten-track EP
(or any other marketing gimmick)
ever will.

Sarah Records is owned by no-one but us,
so it's OURS to create and destroy how we want
and we don't do encores.
We want to burn in bright colours and go pop,
to be giddy, impulsive and silly,
to kiss people in new places -
- and dare to tear things apart.

The first act of revolution is destruction
and the first thing to destroy is the past.
like falling in love
it reminds us we're alive

Sarah Records 1987 - 1995

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