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(Spain) Barcelona
Forget the Lumping track, also of the Scalectrix and of the most noisy Micromachines. Forget everything and everyone because they just reach the goal, getting the victory no stop to skid, TCR (Total Control Racing). The sextet from Barcelona more funny, ingenuous at the same time as subversive, having a select and elegant black humor, they throwthe first album 7" "... a la parrilla" ("...grilled"). An album that from the begining, everybody liked (not just because the wonderful cover of the album and the chlorifile-green of the vinyl limited edition with 500 copies), it is because their rapt, sticky and naif melodies consist in clap and also very good accompanied with the singer, drumber, bass, tambourine and guitars and it makes this band something to bear in mind. And also they make a revulsive punk "Haztelo tú mismo" ("Do it by yourself") something own, personal an untrasferable. Their names are: Susi Wong, Svereva, El General Óptica, Kim Philby, Junior and Saturn-9. Can somebody refuse to this group?. TCR will not stop to play in every sweet shops. But just in places where are sild this kind of sweets like Pica-Pica, the nice effervescent slips with cola flavor. This is their music. And they are that way (sweet and corrosives, nice and acids). And, what about their influences and tastes?: Helen Love, The Kinks, The Ronnetes and thousand more. And, what is going on with their intentions?: they want to be famous, to smash the luxurious hotels rooms and play with important bands (before them) like The Beach Boys or Georgie Dann in his brillant (and no shameful) time of "El Bimbó". It is a delight. Nobody made ever from a strophe and chorus something so straight. You don´t doubt...don't miss it.

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tcr (LP+CD) 1999
on Subterfuge Records - 21.159
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