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Songs by Rumblefish
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Beach Song 1234 (CD)
Beach Song Don't Leave Me (12")
Don't Leave Me Rumblefish (CD)
Don't Leave Me 1234 (CD)
Don't Leave Me Don't Leave Me (12")
Dum-Dum 1234 (CD)
Everything Electrical Rumblefish (CD)
Everything Electrical 1234 (CD)
Hammersmith Queen Rumblefish (CD)
It's Easy Now Rumblefish (CD)
Medicine 1234 (CD)
Medicine Medicine (12")
Medicine The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.6 (CD comp. )
Mexico Rumblefish (CD)
Need a Man Rumblefish (CD)
Rave 1234 (CD)
Shimmy Shammy Rumblefish (CD)
Sing Slim! 1234 (CD)
Sing Slim! Medicine (12")
So Lightly Rumblefish (CD)
So Lightly 1234 (CD)
So Lightly Medicine (12")
Solid Wood 1234 (CD)
Solid Wood It Sells Or It Smells (12" comp. )
That's What I Say 1234 (CD)
That's What I Say Don't Leave Me (12")
The Lodge Rumblefish (CD)
The Lodge 1234 (CD)
The Lodge Medicine (12")
Theatre King 1234 (CD)
Theatre King Beauty ( Pink Compilation ) (LP comp. )
Tugboat Line 1234 (CD)
Tug-boat Line Rumblefish (CD)
Tug-Boat Line Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
What You do to Me Rumblefish (CD)
What You Do To Me 1234 (CD)
What You Do To Me Don't Leave Me (12")
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