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Songs by Red Sleeping Beauty
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bicycling Bedroom (CD)
Breaking Up McBain Tape (K7 comp. )
can you say love will last? Top Of The Pops (7")
casino classics Soundtrack (CD)
certainly Soundtrack (CD)
christmas Pop Sounds (CD3)
cinema Pop Sounds (CD3)
Cinema Marsh Marigold Review The 2nd (CD comp. )
cold hearts Bedroom (CD)
don't say you love me Don't Say You Love Me (7")
down by the sea Bedroom (CD)
enough Soundtrack (CD)
florida Bedroom (CD)
for fun Top Of The Pops (7")
for once Bedroom (CD)
happy birthday Don't Say You Love Me (7")
Her Favourite Cliche Europop (7" comp. )
Hey! Wheels Go Round (CD comp. )
how do you kill your heart? Soundtrack (CD)
instant replay Bedroom (CD)
make me smile Pop Sounds (CD3)
nervous Soundtrack (CD)
pop song Bedroom (CD)
promise me Top Of The Pops (7")
Rules Top Of The Pops (7")
seasons change Seasons Change (7")
selfish Bedroom (CD)
sick & tired Wealth Of Imagination (7")
Sick & Tired Apertivo (CD comp. )
Sick And Tired McBain Tape (K7 comp. )
soul providers Soundtrack (CD)
Stay Postcard EP (7" comp. )
stupid boy Bedroom (CD)
sugar bowl Seasons Change (7")
summer at its best Soundtrack (CD)
summer tells stories Pop Sounds (CD3)
Summertime Frischer Morgentau (K7 comp. )
the chime song Wealth Of Imagination (7")
the light that guides you Soundtrack (CD)
the things i'd say Soundtrack (CD)
the trumpet song Pop Sounds (CD3)
The Trumpet Song Marsh Marigold Review The 2nd (CD comp. )
the yound pretenders Soundtrack (CD)
try Seasons Change (7")
two hearts Bedroom (CD)
wealth of imagination Wealth Of Imagination (7")
Wealth Of Imagination Extended Vacation (K7 comp. )
yesterday's lies Bedroom (CD)
you & me Don't Say You Love Me (7")
You Are The Kind International Pop EP (7" comp. )
You Are The Kind Seven Summers (CD comp. )
your opinion Soundtrack (CD)
you're all there is Soundtrack (CD)
you're the kind Bedroom (CD)
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