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All Around You Now Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
and start again Beautiful You (CD)
beautiful to me Beautiful You (CD)
Breaking Away Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
Burning Bridges Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
Every Summer Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
Every Summer Mind The Gap - The Tape (K7 comp. )
Everyone Knows Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
Falling Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
Far And Away Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
Foreign Money Foreign Money (7")
Give Me More Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
Here Comes The Breakdown Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
I Like Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
it passed me by Beautiful You (CD)
It's Getting Louder Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
Let Get Away From It All Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
Many Places Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
no regrets Beautiful You (CD)
Nothing Matters Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
over the hills Beautiful You (CD)
schooldays Beautiful You (CD)
so you say Beautiful You (CD)
special you Beautiful You (CD)
the avenues Beautiful You (CD)
The Deserter Let's Get Away From It All (LP+CD)
the story of my life Beautiful You (CD)
There's Another Day Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
this is the start Beautiful You (CD)
This Town Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
village in my mind Beautiful You (CD)
Were We Really There- Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
Wheels Go Round Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
when the sun shines Beautiful You (CD)
You Can Do Foreign Money (7")
You 'll never see that summertime again The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.2 (LP2+CD comp. )
You'll Never See That Summertime Again Roads Leading Everywhere (LP+CD)
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