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Songs by The Dentists
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I'm Not The Devil  Dressed (CD)
A Strange Way To Go About Things Writhing On The Shagpile (12")
A Strange Way To Go About Things  Dressed (CD)
All Coming Down (Speak No Evil) Outside Your Inside (7")
Calm You Down Writhing On The Shagpile (12")
Chainsaw The Horse  Dressed (CD)
Cling Just Another... Compilation (K7 comp. )
Dawn Overdone  Dressed (CD)
Flowers Around Me  Dressed (CD)
I Can See Your House From Up Here  Dressed (CD)
I Had An Excellent Dream CD86 (CD comp. )
I Had an Excellent Dream  Dressed (CD)
Just Like Oliver Reed Writhing On The Shagpile (12")
Just Like Oliver Reed Dressed (CD)
Killing Me The Fun Has Arrived (12")
Kinder Still Dressed (CD)
Mary Won't Come Out to Play  Dressed (CD)
One of our Psychedelic Beakers is Missing Dressed (CD)
Outside Your Inside (Speak No Evil) Outside Your Inside (7")
Pailino  Dressed (CD)
Peppermint Dreams  Dressed (CD)
She Dazzled Me With Basil  Dressed (CD)
She Dazzled Me With Basil Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Speak No Evil (Speak No Evil) Outside Your Inside (7")
Strawberries Are Growing in My Garden (and its Wintertime)  Dressed (CD)
Tangerine  Dressed (CD)
The Arrow Points to The Spot  Dressed (CD)
The Fun Has Arrived The Fun Has Arrived (12")
The Little Engineers Set  Dressed (CD)
The Sun In The Sands Imminent 4 (LP comp. )
The Turquoise Castle Writhing On The Shagpile (12")
The Turquoise Castle  Dressed (CD)
There Was Love On The Floor So I walked On The Ceilling The Fun Has Arrived (12")
Tony Bastable vs John Noakes  Dressed (CD)
Ugly The Fun Has Arrived (12")
Withing On The Shagpile Writhing On The Shagpile (12")
Writhing on the Shagpile  Dressed (CD)
You Make Me Say It Somehow  Dressed (CD)
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