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Songs by Allo Darlin'
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Capricornia Europe (LP+CD)
Dear Stephen Hawking Henry Rollins Don't Dance (7")
Dreaming Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
Dreaming Dreaming (7")
Europe Europe (LP+CD)
Girlfriend If Loneliness Was Art (7")
Hearbeat chilli Henry Rollins Don't Dance (7")
Heartbeat Chilli Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
Henry Rollins don't dance Henry Rollins Don't Dance (7")
If Loneliness Was Art Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
If Loneliness Was Art If Loneliness Was Art (7")
If Loneliness Was Art My Heart Is A Drummer (7")
Kiss Your Lips Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
Let's Go Swimming Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
My Heart Is A Drummer Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
My Heart Is A Drummer My Heart Is A Drummer (7")
My Sweet Friend Europe (LP+CD)
Neil Armstrong Europe (LP+CD)
Northern Lights Europe (LP+CD)
Silver Dollars Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
Some People Say Europe (LP+CD)
Still Young Europe (LP+CD)
Tallulah Europe (LP+CD)
Tallulah The First Hangover Lounge EP (10" comp. )
The Letter Europe (LP+CD)
The Polaroid Song Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
The Polaroid Song The Polaroid Song (7")
What Will Be Will Be Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
Will You Please Spend New Year's With Me? The Polaroid Song (7")
Wonderland Europe (LP+CD)
Woody Allen Allo Darlin' (LP+CD)
You Still Send Me Dreaming (7")
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