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Riverhead was formed in Edinburgh around 1988 by the guitar player and roadie from The Motorcycle Boy and - despite supposed interest from Rough Trade - quickly signed to Avalanche Records. They would have loved also to have had Michael Kerr on board on guitar, but he was snapped up by Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes. The line-up was Michael Doran (Vocals, Liverpool); Rick Conte (Drums, Atlanta, ex-We Peoples!); David Scott (Guitar, Belfast, ex-Motorcycle Boy); and Rod white (Bass, Auchtermuchty). The band released three records. There were two four track EPs "Alpharetta" and "Haddit" as well a final single, "Was Away" (with Aidie replacing Scottie on guitar). Many other songs were recorded, mostly by Jamie Watson at Chambers Studios. Someday, someone may put the masters all together. Organization is the limiting factor. Riverhead split without any fuss in 1992. Michael is now a highly succesful massage therapist in London. Rick continues to travel the world as a renowned puppeteer. David continues to make music (new album out in September 2009: Rod is the head honcho at Edinburgh Filmhouse. Email David for mp3's.

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Was Away (7")
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