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Red Chair Fadeaway
(England) Luton
Red Chair Fadeaway was formed by Shirley Souter (vocals) and Tim Vass from Razorcuts (guitar) in 1988, initially as a "studio only" band playing 60s-style psychedelia featuring phasing, backwards guitars, and sitars. With various members of Razorcuts helping out, two 12" EPs were recorded for the Cosmic English Music label. Eventually the band played a number of gigs which were well received despite the slightly worrying sight of Tim playing guitar with a violin bow and Shirley's paisley trousers.
After Razorcuts split up Tim and Shirley recorded two albums assisted by Struan Robertson and Richard Mason. Both were extremely ornate affairs with Shirley's melodic vocals backed by multi-layered guitars, mellotrons, harpsichords, and sound effects. The albums proved popular with lovers of psychedelia and acid-folk, but probably confused the heck out of the average Darling Buds fan.

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Let It Happen (12") 1989
on Cosmic English Music - CTA 103
Mr. Jones (12") 1990
on Cosmic English Music - CTA 105
Curiouser And Curiouser (CD) 1991
on English Garden/Hi Note ENG 1013 CD
with 9 bonus tracks included
Curiouser And Curiouser (LP) 1991
on Tangerine Records
Mesmerized (CD) 1993
on English Garden/Hi Note ENG 1012 CD
Kingcup (7")
on Candy Floss Records - CF 006
On compilations:
Waterbomb 2 Flexi  (FLX) 1991
on Waterbomb Records - SPLAT 02
- Never Remember
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