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Postal Blue
Postal Blue only became Postal Blue in 1998 after being Southern State Tapestry (after a Felt song title) from late 1997 up to the definite name change. The band's first release was supposed to be a 7" on Moonscreen Records, which sadly didn't last enough to bring Postal Blue's debut to light. After the demise of Moonscreen, Drive-In Records decided to take over the project, and released the self-titled 1999 four-song ep. A curious note on this first record is that the songs 'I know where your dreams go' and 'Maybe I'm dreaming' had their titles mixed up, which is still to be corrected when a new pressing comes out. After the debut, Postal Blue hooked up with Shelflife Records, and arranged the release of 2001's 'Weather Sensitive', with 5 songs. The new ep was followed by a series of compilation appearances, and after a long hiatus, the band gave birth to their much awaited debut album 'International Breeze' in 2004. The next release was "Road to Happiness", a CD-EP with 5 songs released by Canadian label Humblebee Recordings. The latest release is a 3-song single on Cloudberry Records, in 2008.

Adriano Ribeiro 2004

In addtion to the songs listed below, there are the following contributions to compilations
  • "Fader" - A Fistful of Freebird CD on Freebird Records (Netherlands) (the band was called Southern State Tapestry at the time)
  • "Maybe I'm Dreaming" - Sniegowe Rytmy K7 on Arnold Records (Poland)
  • "Summer is What You Call It" - Will There be Time for Tea? CD on Morgan Leah Records (USA)
  • "I Know Where Your Dreams Go" - Bliss Volume 93 K7 on Bliss Tapes (UK)

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    Postal Blue (CD5) Aug-1999
    on Drive-In Records - DRIVE 46
    - asleep
    - summer is what you call it
    - i know where your dreams go
    - maybe i'm dreaming
    Weather Sensitive EP (CD5) Nov-2001
    on Shelflife Records - LIFE 38
    - weather sensitive
    - too tired
    - puzzle
    - what you were meant to be
    - a secret
    International Breeze (CD) July 2004
    on Shelflife Records - LIFE 47
    - rainy day
    - being you
    - stand and stare
    - fine
    - weather sensitive
    - three words
    - going back to be
    - kisses and smiles
    - before you know
    - tell me
    - love and promises
    Laughing and Crying (CD5) Aug 2008
    - Laughing and Crying
    - You Should Keep it to Yourself
    - For You
    On compilations:
    Picnic Basket  (CD)
    on Shelflife Records - LIFE 20
    - Fotoromanza
    Just For A Day  (CD) 2000
    on Just For A Day - DAY 01
    - I Know Where Your Dreams Go
    on Humblebee Recordings - HBR 003
    - Rainy Day
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