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(Germany) Berlin
The Pariahs played britpop long before Oasis did. Raised in 1989 they released their debut-CD TIGHTROPE WALK in 1992 and received quite positive reviews in Newspapers like 'Tagesspiegel' and 'taz' - the critics compared the songs with the work of Lennon-McCartney, Elvis Costello and other famous british songwriters. Unfortunately they've already split when guitar-based popmusic striked back. The tried to save pop for the 90s - but Grunge was stronger...

Thanks to the internet you have the chance to enjoy some of their golden oldies - and some new songs! - just enter here...

The Pariahs are: Ralph (Git-Vox), Michael (Bas-Vox), Ralf (Dru-Vox), Thomas (Git-Vox), Silke (Flute-Vox)

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Tightrope Walk (CD) 1992
on Civic Dust Company
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