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Candlestick Park
(United Kingdom) Manchester
Candlestick Park was the venue of The last ever live concert performance of the Beatles, A baseball stadium in San Francisco. It was also the name of a band from Manchester in the early 90's. Three of the members of CP were previously in the seminal medium Cool band The Waltones, namely Manny Lee, Mark Collins and James Knox. Having recovered from the departure of Alex Fyans they teamed up with a Drummer called Adrian, who's second name momentarily escapes me.

They recorded an LP of delightful "Beatles" inspired tunes for Midnight Music who had taken over the Medium Cool roster of acts. The only tune that saw the light of day was a single 7" VINYL release - All the time in the world.

Sadly nothing much happened and the band disbanded and the band members went their separate ways. Manny became a gifted teacher, James sorted out the ills that persistin the world of UK industrial relations and Mark joined The Charlatans.

Oh and they were a great band

Guy Lovelady - Ugly Man Record

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All The Time In The World (12") 1991
on Midnight Music
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