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Airport Girl
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Power Yr Trip (7"+CD5)
- Power Yr Trip
- The Kids Just Want Cool Sounds
Between Delta And Delaware EP (7") June 1998
on Fortuna Pop! - FPOP 8
- Between Delta And Delaware
- Song For David Jones
- Theme From "Fireball XL5"
The Foolishness That We Create Throught Love Is The Closest We Come To Greatness (7"+CD5) Fall 2000
on Fortuna Pop! - FPOP 21
Honey, I'm An Artist (LP+CD) Dec-2000
on Matinée Recordings - MATCD 11
and Fortuna Pop! - FPOP 22
- This Could Be the Start of Something Small
- Power Yr Trip
- I'm Wrong, You're Right
- Home on the Range
- Frostbite
- Hey! Crayola
- Love Runs Clean
- Between Delta and Deleware
- The Foolishness That We Create Through Love Is the Closest We Come to Greatness
- You Fill Me Up (I Lose)
- Surf #7 Wave
- Shine Like Stars
Do You Dream In Colour? EP (CD5) 2-Sep-2003
on Matinée Recordings - Matinée 37
- Do You Dream In Colour?
- When You Fall
- Easier To Smile
- Been Waiting
Salinger Wrote (7") 2004
- Salinger Wrote
- Emmaweg House
On compilations:
Seven Summers  (CD) 30-Nov-1998
- I Never Liked The Look Of You
The Matinée Spring Collection  (CD) 21-Apr-2001
on Matinée Recordings - Matinée 26
- Striking Out On You Own
Matinée 50  (CD) Summer 2003
on Matinée Recordings - Matinée 50
- Three Sixty Degrees
- Once Around The Bay
More Soul Than Wigan Casino  (CD5) Spring 2005
on Fortuna Pop! - FPOP 49
- Lipstick Traces (On A Cigaretto)
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