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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will it be available?
    The CD was released on November 30th 1998, right now (early December) you can only get in directly from Kindercore or from Parasol mail-order. It will hit the US shops in the next couple of weeks. Copies are on their way to Europe and you can pre-order them at your favourite mail-order place. I may take some more days or even weeks before you would get them. Remember the CD makes an excellent christmas present.

  • Will it be available on vinyl?
    no, CD only!

  • Where will it be available?
    we have a full distribution in the US, so expect it in your favorite store. Distribution in the rest of the world is not confirmed yet. All major indiepop-mail-order places should have it anyway.

  • Why is it Volume 2?
    Volume 1 was a 7" EP released in September 1992 by Mind The Gap in Germany and Season Records in Australia. Mind The Gap in 1992 was Peter Hahndorf, who is now head of TweeNet Communications. Season Records released the Munch videos 1 and 2. The Mind The Gap mail-order run by Jörg Winzer had and has nothing to do with these releases. Three of the four songs from the EP are included at the end of the CD.

  • Why is the Yesterday Sky song from the 7" not on the CD?
    The Yesterday Sky was the first project of Robert Wratten after the Field Mice split up in 1991, he later continued with Northern Picture Library and The Trembling Blue Stars. Bob doesn't want the song to be released again, because it is old and was done for the vinyl EP. Some copies of that 7" are still available, but some places try to sell it for $35

  • What happened to the song by Brian which was planned for the CD?
    for some strange reason some major record company asked Setanta artists not to release any songs on other labels :-(

  • What happened to the song by Oliva Tremor Control, which was listed on the website and was on some preview tapes?
    Unfortunately the master tape for the song disappeared. Hopefully it will be rerecorded and will appear on a future Oliva Tremor Control release.

  • What about the name?
    The original plan for this CD was made in October 1991 along with the plan for the 7", so it took seven years or seven summers to realize the plan.

  • Why the joint venture of two labels?
    Seeing the huge market potential in the US, Peter was looking for a label in the US to co-release the CD. Some labels were interested (Drive-In, Double-Agent) but too busy with their own releases. In January 1997 Peter found a partner in Dan from Sonorama Records but soon after he closed down his label. In May 1997 Peter met Ryan from Kindercore Records and they had a good time at the Boston popfest together. They met again at the Chicago popfest and decided to do the compilation together.

  • This site lists 24 songs, my CD has only 23?
    Track number 19 by the The Autumn Teen Sound was removed for the most recent repressing. This was due to issues between Kindercore Records and March Records.

  • Anybody we like to thank for their help?
    sure, first of all the bands themeselves for their great songs, also: Julian Lawton, Steve Thornton, Dave Harris, Ulli Hahndorf, Oliver Goetzl, Jörg Winzer, Marcus Toerncrantz, Alexander Bailey, Mateo and Sara Siesta, Stephen Wood, John Jervis, Uwe Weigmann.

  • Can I order the CD directly from the label?
    yes, in Europe you should order from:
    TweeNet Communications
    Pastorenweg 140
    28237 Bremen
    if you are somewhere else write to:
    Kindercore Records
    po box 461
    athens, ga 30603