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Helen Lloyd 24-Apr-2011
Worth a look
Helen Lloyd 16-Apr-2011
Not bad :)
Dreamy Records 11-Jan-2010
Sadly, Dreamy closed a few years ago, but arco records are still available via Pastel (Korea), Pehr (USA) and (UK). The new arco album, "yield", will be out in early 2010.
LEISURE 12-Oct-2009
does this still exist?? I sure hope so, I realllly wanna go something like this, all the indiepop dj nights seem to be in England
Patryk 23-Apr-2009
where are you now..?
Harry Flowers 19-Jul-2008
not bad, actually. Not exactly tweecore but I like 'shades' in particular
Poptaste 15-May-2008
cool site..
the underground railroad 8-Oct-2007
i do a show on kcsb too. this is so funny. it's fun to find people who used to be at kcsb.
the underground railroad 8-Oct-2007
i do a show on kcsb too. this is so funny. it's fun to find people who used to be at kcsb.
riverside 1-May-2007
Riverside Saturday June 2, 2007 10pm @ Tin Angel 20 S. 2nd St. Philadelphia – 215.928.0770 Click buy for show info, tickets and directions Small venue with limited seating
Fluff Records 9-Mar-2007
The address is no more. Dmcl left a long time ago! Have had manyt happy days discussing Fluff, the bands and hasall from Distributors!!!! All Fun.
fire escape talking 15-Dec-2006
I like it a lot
Jessel Baltazar 14-Dec-2006
Andy Noise 3-Nov-2006
hello! where can i view your catalogue? email: thanks!
bad anorak 404 24-Oct-2006
i found this band bad anorak 404 recently on myspace and found out it is the project of lin sangster a scouser who was also in indie band kit in the late eighties who are not on this site either..bad anorak have done two brilliant albums folky dreamy indie and twee and people should hear them
Lost and Found 6-Aug-2006
excellent site. I am glad i stumbled upon. It brings back memories.
Hi Peter I was pleasantly surprised to see our band mentioned on your database. Interesting you (or someone?) should have added it. Anyway Thanks for this, just like to add that we now have 4 tracks online at Enjoy. Vishy (bass player of Bad Mathematics)
Kirstin M 31-May-2006
not nice people rarely point out that they're not nice, so either you're not really not nice or you're really not nice and just acted nice, so you're not not nice afterall
Big Star Records 26-May-2006
hi andy, sorry new email adress: cheers, j.
Powertool Records 13-Apr-2006
indeed, it is by the way..George Hendersons little brother Ian is playing in a band called The Dark Beaks. You can check them out here:
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