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New Releases
Below is a list of new releases that in our database, these should have been released recently but may go back as far as 3 years ago. Older releases new to the TweeNet database are not listed here. You can click on either the band to get to the band page or on the title to get more information about the release.

Knabenkraut - Someone Still Loves You, Knabenkraut
Marsh Marigold Records - MARI 27 (CD)

Various Artists - Still Mad At Me?
Firestation Records - FST 100 (CD)

The Electroscopes - Made A Mistake
Firestation Records - FST 95 (7")

Trambeat - Too Good For You / Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Firestation Records - FST 101 (7")

The Felt Tips - Symbolic Violence
Firestation Records - FST 97 (LPCD)

Reserve - Beneath The London Sky
Firestation Records - FST 98 (CD)

The Bridge - Face Down Everybody Looks The Same
Firestation Records - FST 99 (CD)

Mighty Mighty - Pop Can! The Definitive Collection 1986 to 1988
Cherry Red Records - CDBRED553 (CD2)

Various Artists - Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989)
Cherry Red Records - CRCDBOX10 (CD-Boxset)

Fred I Son - Un Altre Temps
Sones - Warner Music Spain (CD)

Various Artists - I Am a Victim of This Song
Baka-Poi Fanzine (CD)

Various Artists - Pop Goes The Weasel Vol. 2
K.O.G.A. Records (CD)

The Dentals - Tennessee
Whiterock Records - Drunk365 (CD)

The Rainyard - A Thousand Days
Self-Release (MP3)

Alpaca Sports - As Long as I Have You
Cloudberry Records - 1029 (7")

Alpaca Sports - I Was Running
Dufflecoat Records - DCR504 (7"+MP3)

Alpaca Sports - Just For Fun EP
Self Release (MP3)

The Silver Factory - If Words Could Kill
Elefant - ER-1167 (10"+CD)

Space Kelly - Bist Du Dabei?
El Muto Records - 019 (CD)

Allo Darlin' - Europe
Fortuna Pop! - FPOP 128 (LP+CD)

The Poster Boy - Melody
Bell Boy :: Barcelona (CD)

Red Money - A kind Of Retrospective 1990-1995
Firestation Records - FST 93 (CD)

Mighty Mighty - The Betamax Tapes
Firestation Records - FST 91 (CD)

Close Lobsters - Steel Love
Firestation Records - FST 94 (7")

Liechtenstein - Fast Forward
Fraction Discs - FRACTION 12 (LP+CD)

Espiritu - unnamed
Heavenly Recordings - HVN LP 05 (LP)

The Soup Dragons - The Sun Is In The Sky EP (unreleased)
Subway Organization - SUBWAY 02 (7")

The Beat Poets - Totally Radio
53rd & 3rd Records - AGAS 006 (LP)

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